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Student studying at University of Northampton goes viral after her living arrangements go against the norm

A criminology student at the University of Northampton has gone viral after sharing money-saving tips on social media.

Tigerlily Taylor, 20, of Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, received more than 700,000 views on Tik Tok after she posted a video of her Travelodge stay on days when she wanted to be at university, rather than paying for college accommodations.

“I’m not sure why the virus is spreading, but it could be because my approach to living arrangements is different from the norm,” Tigerlli said.

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Tigerlily Taylor, 20, is studying criminology at the University of Northampton

Tigerlily attends the university on consecutive days during the week. Therefore, she stays at night between those days. She also commutes again on a separate day.

She added: “On average, university accommodation is £620 a month. My hotel room usually costs around £35 a night and I only need to stay once a week, so every month I spend £140, on average, for a double room at Travelodge.

Gasoline costs around £20-30 a week too. All in all, I late around £380 a month.”

After the last year of Tigerlily learning to be online mostly due to Covid-19 restrictions, she has rarely been to university. This year, it is mostly taught face to face, so I decided to start staying once a week at the hotel.

Tigerlily said, “It’s nice to know that I have inspired some students or will soon be students. I just wanted people to know there was another option instead of just walking away.

“My advice to any college student who wants to save some money is to watch what you are spending and what you are spending. If you don’t want to transfer to university, definitely consider moving. It is a great option and you are still able to make friends.”


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