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2021-2022 Student Ticket Information

While many things are still fluid this fall, the University of South Carolina Department of Athletics announced on May 19 that they are. 100% planning for the 2021 football season. As more information becomes available and how it relates to the student ticketing process, this page will be updated with this information.

Please make sure to download the Gamecock Student Rewards App and log in with your University of South Carolina email. The app is available in both versions Apple App Store And Google Play Store. The app will allow you to view upcoming events, track your points, and complete the student ticketing process.

Below is information about who is eligible for the student ticketing process as well as the process for all sports.

Who is eligible for the student ticketing process?

  • University of South Carolina Columbia students enrolled over 12 hours
  • University of South Carolina undergraduates taking more than 6 hours and paying for sporting events*
  • Postgraduate students who take at least one hour are eligible to pay the sporting event fee*

Students on other University of South Carolina campuses or who have less than 12 hours without paying sporting event fees* are not eligible to request tickets.

*Sports events fee is a bond fee that goes to the Athletics Department to support facility maintenance. Paying the fee does not guarantee tickets and only makes you eligible to participate in the student ticketing process. The deadline for paying sporting events fees is August 25.

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