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Bloomingdale – Distracted driving and seat belt safety are the focus of two grants recently awarded to a student organization at Jefferson County Co-Professional School.

Early Childhood Education students from Family, Profession, and Society Leaders in America received Families Working for Community Traffic Safety Scholarships to highlight Personal Safety, Vehicle Safety, and Road Safety. A prize of $2,000 has been given to the group and will be divided between 16 juniors and adults for separate projects.

“Youngsters will educate their peers about impaired driving and invite guests from the community to speak, plus they will be challenged with disability goggles,” FCCLA consultant Becky Kelly explained. “Older people will focus on seat belt safety and use. They will educate parents and preschool peers with PowerPoint presentations and newsletters, and they will also like to partner with someone in the insurance community.”

The hopes are to contact a local State Farm insurance agent because the company is a sponsor of the grant and Kelly said events should happen within the next few weeks.

“My goal is to do these events in February after highlighting the skills because we have to submit evidence of our programs to the national FCCLA after March 1,” hung.

Kelly said the class has received grants over the past three years and previously used FACTS funding for programs around seatbelt safety and winterization in the car. She said that privatization gave her students a chance to become more effective leaders.

“It is a great opportunity for students to be leaders in their school and community and to educate their peers on these issues, especially since some of them are new drivers. We also try to be community partners.”

FACTS is the FCCLA’s national peer education program through which students strive to save lives and the goal is to educate others and support the application of local traffic safety rules and regulations in the community.

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