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Students earn science fair awards at 2022 HITS Expo | details

Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) held its seventh annual History, Industry, Technology and Science (HITS) Expo on Saturday, March 12, at St. Charles High School. The Expo included an array of student science and history fair projects on display for judging. The science fair projects were categorized by Behavioral/Medicine and Health Science, Chemistry, Engineering, Environmental Science, Life Science, and Physics and Astronomy. Special awards were also given to eligible students. The following students received awards for their science fair projects.

Senior Division

First-place award

  • Rayyen Saghir, senior, North Point High School, “How Dirty are Your Goggles?” life science category.

Junior Division

First-place awards

  • Skylan Brassell, seventh grade, Neighborhood Creative Arts Center, “Filtering Water with Activated Carbon and Moringa Seeds,” environmental science category; and
  • Isabella Wilburg, sixth grade, Matthew Henson Middle School, “Melting Ice Cubes,” physics and astronomy category.

Second-place award

  • Nalani Wilson, seventh grade, Henson, “How Does Color Affect Memory?” life science category.

Elementary Division

First-place awards

  • Elijah Usual, fourth grade, JP Ryon Elementary School, “Does Color Affect Taste?” behavioral/medicine and health science category;
  • Mart Elam Lofranco, fifth grade, Berry Elementary School, “How Does Salt, Sugar, Flour, and Baking Soda Affect How Long it Takes for Ice to Melt?” chemistry category;
  • Isaac Raub, third grade, Ryon, “Which Bridge is Falling Down?” engineering category;
  • Tamlyn Hopkins, third grade, Walter J. Mitchell Elementary School, “A Pollution Solution,” environmental science category;
  • Grady Lynch, fifth grade, St. Mary’s Bryantown, “Colorful Wheat,” life science category; and
  • Paige Warring, third grade, Mitchell, “I’m ‘nuts’ about running speed,” physics and astronomy category.

Second-place awards

  • Madison Dalton, fourth grade, Mitchell, “Face Mask Efficacy,” behavioral/medicine and health science category;
  • London Alexander, third grade, Billingsley Elementary School, “The Big Freeze Hot Vs. Cold,” chemistry category;
  • Noor Anjum, fourth grade, Berry, “Angle at which a Projectile Is Launched,” engineering category;
  • Liam Williams, fifth grade, St. Mary’s, “From Trash to Gas,” environmental science category;
  • Grace Balderson, fifth grade, St. Mary’s, “Capillary Action-Does Size Really Matter?” life science category; and
  • Amari Hall, fourth grade, Mary B. Neal Elementary School, “Light Bright Fruggie Fight,” physics and astronomy category.

Below is a list of students who received a special award for their science fair projects.

Senior Division

  • Rayyan Saghir, senior, North Point, “How Dirty Are Your Goggles?” College of Southern Maryland (CSM) High School Winner.

Junior Division

  • Skylan Brassell, seventh grade, Neighborhood Creative Arts Center, “Filtering Water with Activated Carbon and Moringa Seeds,” CSM Middle School Winner, Archeology Society, Water and Waste Operators Association; and
  • Ethan Maradiaga, seventh grade, St. Mary’s, “Plants Vs. Erosion,” La Plata Lions Club Middle School.

Elementary Division

  • Tamlyn Hopkins, third grade, Mitchell, “A Pollution Solution,” La Plata Lions Club;
  • Bethany Legge, third grade, Mitchell, “Does Adding Different Materials to Soil Help Plants Grow,” La Plata Lions Club; and
  • Bruce Kelly, fifth grade, St. Mary’s, “Temperature Effects on the Elasticity of Rubber Bands,” CSM Elementary Winner.

About CCPS

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CCPS provides nondiscriminatory equal access to school in accordance with its Use of Facilities facilities rules to designated youth groups (including, but not limited to, the Boy Scouts).


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