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Students To Receive SME Education Foundation Scholarships: Applications are Open Now

He said “We welcome applications from all interested students; we want students to know that these scholarships are available” Rob Los, Vice President of the SME Education Foundation. “As the philanthropic arm of SMEs, we are committed to supporting students as they build their future.”

In 2021, SME Education awarded nearly 600 scholarships – a record number – to students pursuing post-secondary education in manufacturing, engineering or related technologies.

SME Education Foundation Scholarship recipients are selected through a rigorous review process. 1,090 students applied in the 2021-22 academic year, with applications reviewed and assessed by a team of more than 100 academic and industry professionals.

Committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in every program and initiative, in 2021 the SME Education Foundation awarded a record number of scholarships to women and/or minorities. Scholarship awards for female students have nearly doubled, and scholarship awards for female and female minority students are nearly tripled and quadrupled, respectively, over historical averages.

SME Education awards scholarships annually, so students can reapply each year. Scholarships range from 1000 dollars to me 40 thousand dollars It can be used for tuition fees, books or lab fees/courses related to obtaining a technical or engineering education.

Students wishing to apply for the scholarship must first register. Once registered, using the simplified online application process, students only fill out one application that matches them for each scholarship for which they are eligible. Helpful tips about the online application process are also available.

About the SME Education Foundation

The SME Education Foundation inspires, equips, and supports the next generation of manufacturing and engineering talent. Since its organization by SME in 1979, the SME Education Foundation has been working to bring together students, educators, industry and communities through We are the first a program; It awards annual scholarships to students and conducts a series of Student Summit events held at SME events in North Amarica. Visit the SME Education Foundation at smeeducationfoundation.org. Continued Tweet embed on Twitter or at facebook.com/SME.Education.Foundation.

SOURCE SME Education Foundation


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