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Studying in the Netherlands? Consider applying for the Holland Scholarship

If you’re thinking about studying in Europe, cost would be a major factor for many. International students easily pay twice or thrice the fees that domestic students do, but scholarships can offer some respite. There are hundreds of choices in Europe to choose from, but one that you might want to check out is the Holland scholarship.

The tuition fees in Netherlands are relatively cheaper than many other English-speaking countries. Source: Sebastien Bozon/AFP

So, how would you study in the Netherlands be the best choice for you? While countries such as Germany, France, and Italy are strong contenders, the Netherlands should not be underestimated.

Three reasons why you should study in the Netherlands

Culturally diverse

Neighboring the Netherlands is the UK, Belgium and Germany, and it is hardly surprising to learn that Dutch society is diverse and inclusive. Their international students come from more than 160 different countries, and there is also a wide range of English taught programmes.

Dutch and English are also widely spoken here (95% of the locals there speak English) so students can feel quite at home if they have a grasp of either language.

Tuition fees you can afford

Tuition at universities in the Netherlands are relatively affordable.

Study in Holland notes that the average tuition fee for non-EU students for bachelor’s programs is between €6,000 and €15,000, and for a master’s program between €8,000 and €20,000.

If you can’t afford the tuition fees, most Dutch universities offer grants and scholarships for students in need — including the Holland scholarship.

Living affordably

The cost of housing varies depending on where you live.

An average room could cost somewhere between €300 and €600 a month, depending on the city where you study, what is included in the rent and the arrangements made by the institution. Study in Holland notes that housing in Amsterdam is more expensive than in smaller towns such as Enschede.

In all, students can expect to spend an average of €800 – € 1,100 a month. International students can apply for a part-time job to help cover the cost of living.

The Holland Scholarship is applicable to non-EEA international students looking for their bachelor’s or master’s in the Netherlands. Source: Oli Scarff/AFP

The Holland Scholarship

The Holland Scholarship is applicable to non-EEA international students looking for their bachelor’s or master’s in the Netherlands.

Financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and several Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences, students will be awarded €5,000 for the first year of their studies. Do note that each student will only be able to receive the Holland scholarship once to cover their first year’s annual tuition fee.

Eligible applicants

The Holland scholarship only applies to those who fit these criteria:

  • You’re a non-EEA national
  • You’re applying for a full-time bachelor’s or master’s program at one of the accepted Dutch higher education institutions
  • You meet the specific requirements of the institution of your choice
  • You do not have an existing degree from an education institution in the Netherlands

Participating research universities in 2021-22

This is the list of research universities participating in the Holland Scholarship. Do check out the links for more information as each university may have different requirements before you apply:

Participating universities of applied sciences in 2021-22


Applications will open for the academic year of 2022-2023 on Nov. 1, 2021. The deadline for application will either be Feb. 1, 2022, or May 1, 2022, depending on the university’s deadline. Do check your university’s website for details.

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