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Swim instructor scholarships aim to increase water safety

Swim instructor scholarships aim to increase water safety

Keeping Swimmers Safe: Scholarships for swimming coaches will help create more opportunities for swimming lessons in the area Photo by Megan Fisher

Ten Swimming Instructor Scholarships are offered to members of the community as a way to increase the number of swimming coaches in the greater city of Shepparton.

Aquamoves has teamed up with the Hunter Boyle Children’s Foundation and Kidsafe Victoria to offer these scholarships and successful applicants will be appointed as Aquamoves coaches.

The scholarship covers swimming certification with Life Saving Victoria, first aid and CPR certification, work with Pediatric Screening and hands-on training with an experienced swimming instructor, and co-teaching classes.

Liliana Angelis, Aquamoves Aquatic Program Coordinator and Education Coordinator, said the grant was a great initiative because it addressed an issue that has plagued the swimming program for years – there aren’t enough teachers.

She said that swimming teachers are required to go through various examinations and training before applying for the job, which is why they struggle when it comes to hiring swimming teachers.

“It’s awful, all the prerequisites they need to complete beforehand like; swimming coach training, CPR, first aid, police checks, working with children. They should have hours of training and invest in time and money before applying as compared to jobs,” Ms. Angelis said. other”.

When Aquamoves advertises employees, the swim teacher’s district always has the lowest applicant rate, according to Miss Angeles.

“When you hire customer service, they get about 13 (advanced), lifeguards get 10 to 12, we get one or two seniors,” she said.

Giving a swimming coach will help solve this problem.

By paying for training, it means that people can apply for the job without the financial obligation of receiving training, which means an increase in applicants to the program.

It also meant that Aquamoves could open up more spaces for kids’ swimming lessons, something the center’s staff were excited to do.

“We don’t even cover 10 per cent of the young Shepparton population,” said Miss Angelis.

We do not prepare them to swim in lakes or rivers.

“We want more swimming coaches so we can have more classes to cover more children in Shepparton.

“There was a 20 per cent increase in drownings from 2020-2021 across Australia and 61 (drowning) in Victoria. Our target is 10 per cent of children.”

Greater Shepparton City Council Community Manager Louise Mitchell said it was a great opportunity for those who want to get a job in aquaculture.

“We are grateful to Hunter Boyle Swim and Kidsafe Victoria for this wonderful opportunity and help keep our community safe,” she said.

“Applicants must have completed Year 10 and be passionate about community swimming, have a passion for education, be comfortable in the water and be active.”

Applications close on Friday, January 21. For more information or to apply for the grant, visit the Aquamoves Council website.

The Hunter Boyle Children’s Foundation was founded by Ash Napolitano and Matt Boyle of Shepparton in honor of their 2-year-old son Hunter, who drowned in a dam in August 2020.



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