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Syracuse has way more to offer than snowy winters

When I moved to Syracuse, New York, for graduate school, I knew two things for sure: I would only be there for 11 months and I hated snow.

I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada, so I’m used to the constant sun and warm weather. No matter how much I prepared for the weather, I just couldn’t wrap my brain around the fact that I was going to call one of the snowiest cities in the country my home. And even worse, because this move was for school, I knew I would be stressed and cold on a regular basis.

Fortunately, the winter in Syracuse this past year was pretty mild, and when I moved to Syracuse, it was the middle of the summer, so I had some time to adjust before the first snowfall. But once it was cold enough to snow, I realized how much I loved the beautiful scenery (but that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t like the cold and I hate the sound snow makes when you walk on it).

Honestly, I thought my stay in upstate New York would be miserable because of the weather, however, it’s been anything but. I’ve witnessed some of the most beautiful scenery exploring the region while it snowed and the people I’ve connected with during this time have brought me so much joy. Although the cold weather is beginning to grow on me a bit, I’m looking forward to exploring the city I’ve come to love in the warm weather. Now that it is becoming spring, Syracuse University students should use the nice weather as an excuse to travel off campus and experience Syracuse.

Even though adjusting to Syracuse culture took a couple of months for me, I found bars that match my personality and a drink I could order everywhere from Lucy Blu Island Bar and Club to The York. I’ll never forget my first time going to Beak and Skiff to eat their cinnamon apple donuts with hot apple cider.

I can’t say that Syracuse is the picture of nightlife, but it’s the kind of city where good memories can be made. Last fall, I attended the opera for the first time, and this spring I’ve been able to attend fashion shows, bar crawls and art exhibits.

Most of the events I attend are promoted on campus in some capacity. The bulletin boards around campus, specifically the Schine Student Center, are a great place to find student-run events, and campus outreach emails usually have ticketing info for events at the Dome and South Campus. addition, University Union’s Twitter page, SU Art Museum’s Instagram and the SU Student Activities Twitter page all regularly post flyers and event information for students.

In the coming weeks, UU is hosting the annual Block Party featuring Gunna and Baby Keem with support from 070 Shake and A-Track. For theatrical events, Syracuse Stage and Syracuse Opera both have their own event calendars online.

Whether the event requires a student ID or not, I usually attend with my classmates because we stumble upon the events together. Though I have explored some places alone like the Salt City Market and Three Lives Bar, and they have good food and a great atmosphere.

All things considered, despite the snow, I’ve been able to make great memories in Syracuse and I would highly recommend taking the time to explore the culture of Syracuse. I’ll always cherish my time in this city because I spent it with the kind of people who always wanted to try something new. SU students should take their time here to branch out, get to know the city and try as many new things as possible.

​​Michael Spencer is a graduate student in public relations. His columns appear bi-weekly and he can be reached at [email protected].

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