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Taking a look at Florida’s current scholarship situation

Taking a look at Florida's current scholarship situation

Gainesville, Florida – With early signing day approaching that saw Florida receive nine new NCI prospects, Swamp247 paused to reset the Gators scholarship scheme moving forward.

Given all the changes that have been made to scholarship rules and eligibility over the past two years thanks to COVID-19, the transfer portal, and other legislative changes, there is a lot to understand.

Here are some basics regarding Florida now.

Excluding players who entered the NCAA transfer portal, the Gators are scheduled to have 73 players on scholarship for the 2022 campaign as of now, including the nine new signatories. This figure does not include current commitments for the 2022 recruitment category (only one, Galen Farmer). If Florida convinces any of the players currently in the transfer window to stay, they will add to number 73.

NCAA rules traditionally allow programs to hold up to 85 players for scholarships.

That’s how far Florida is likely to be affected over the next seven weeks as it seeks to complete the roster with transfer portal additions and new signatories joining on National Signing Day in February. Preliminaries should not be a realistic obstacle for the 2022 class given the current numbers.

So let’s dig a little deeper to get to know some of the places where this new coach is Billy Napier It is likely to strengthen over the next seven weeks.

First, Florida could almost certainly use a quarterback. with Emory Jones Reportedly plans to move and Anthony Richardson Consistently dealing with injuries, three scholarship back players seem to be a problem. Look for Gators to add a late signature or in-place shift.

Running backwards is another situation where Gators are badly needed (for the sake of this scholarship scheme, we’ll be working on the assumption that no current seniors are practicing the free COVID-19 year). Florida has only three scholarships going back, and the Napier system typically uses heavy alternation of running backs.

The wide receiver is also very light on the following bodies Jacob CopelandNCAA entry to the NCAA Transfer Portal. Florida is set to return seven full-scale scholarships, with five of those in first place in 2022. UF needs the young talent out there in a hurry.

The offensive line is another situation that needs serious work. We currently in Florida have 13 scholarship players there, which is well below the minimum target for most programs of 15. Many programs expand their target numbers much later.

Which brings us to another point: for the sake of this discussion, we have left the scholarship scheme for now as it is in terms of job distribution and target numbers. With any change in coaching, we’ll usually adjust these from now on over the first couple of years as the new coach either explicitly states targets in certain locations or we have a chance to see how the roster will change over a few years. It is likely that we will combine the end of the impulse with the final defensive position on the chart in the near future.

In terms of defense, Florida now has an abundance of bodies in defensive tackle after compensating a bit for poorly recruiting to the position in the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Currently, we have nine players designated as Interventions, although the new crew likely To lean on one or two to play them at the defensive end.

The defensive end, on the other hand, now has a shortage of bodies thanks to two transitions.

Secondary seems to be set relatively to numbers and fairly balanced in terms of class, so if Gators take anyone else out there, it should be an unmissable kind of possibility.

You can view the full scholarship scheme below. Click on the thumbnail to expand it. Players listed in italics have entered the NCAA transfer portal but are not currently included in the scholarship total. They will be removed from the chart when you enroll in another school.



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