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Tasmanian Government to detail plans for COVID management in schools after national cabinet meeting | The Advocate

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The government will not reveal its plan to deal with students infected with the COVID virus who were in a classroom prior to the diagnosis before the national cabinet meeting next week. Public Health Services this week advised child care centers that all children in a room in a service with a child who later tested positive for COVID-19 are now defined as close contact. This means that these children must be isolated immediately and not return to service for seven days. In other news to come back, they should have no symptoms and negative test results on day six. The government will not yet determine whether such a measure is under consideration for primary school classes in particular. Labor education spokesman Josh Wylie said families, students and school staff need to know the government’s plan now. “Given the sheer scale of government failure across all sectors in their response to the impact of COVID, it is not surprising that they refuse to disclose details of their plans should the virus be detected in schools,” he said. “They need to be kept closely informed of what the government intends to do when COVID appears on school premises.” Prime Minister Peter Gutwin said Thursday that the government will present its plan to reopen schools to the federal government for discussion at next week’s national cabinet meeting. Director of Public Health Mark Fitch said there would be more discussions over the next few weeks with the Department of Education to consider advice from the Australian Health Protection Principles Committee on reopening schools. “We will look at how these principles can be applied in Tasmania to safely open our schools,” he said. Green Party leader Casey O’Connor said Friday that it is imperative that the government release its plan on how to keep students with disabilities safe when they return to school. Mr Gutwein said he will discuss what support is available for students with disabilities and care plans at the end of next week. “Parents can be assured that we will go through this very carefully and make a reasonable and responsible plan,” he said.


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