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Taylor’s medical students give back to longhouse folk

Food aid from the Taylor University Medical Association was delivered to a longhouse in Sibuh.

BINTULU (December 25): The Taylor University Medical Association (TUMS) in collaboration with the College of Medicine, Taylor University recently implemented a fund-raising initiative to provide food aid to benefit home residents affected by the pandemic.

It has been part of various initiatives in the past three years by the College of Medicine between the Long Communities which have included health camps, health checks, nutritional advice, motivational talks and forums.

The student-led community collected RM7,910 in five days with donations from lecturers, fellow students, church and the general public to benefit about 150 long families. The amount collected was handed over to Great Mind Bintulu, an NGO to be distributed.

“Although we were not able to go to the grounds to distribute the food supplies, we did find an opportunity to work with Great Mind Bintulu, a community organization supporting the well-being of the residents of Kemena, Sarawak for distribution,” said Nicole Gan, a medical student and organization leader.

“Three longhouses in Sarawak in need of food are asking for help – Rumah Patrick Anden, Rumah Yus and Rumah Phillip are all located in Siboh, Bintulu. As the longhouses are within a six-hour drive from the nearest town, we saw the need to provide the necessities to support the family. Even more so, when the COVID-19 pandemic is causing stress for those living in rural areas,” Nicole added.

University students’ access to the community.

TUMS offered dry groceries such as rice, instant noodles, cream crackers, coffee and sugar.

“Following the health examinations that the Taylor University Medical Association has conducted since 2019, we are very grateful to receive strong support from Taylor University and students from the College of Medicine, especially when so many have lost their jobs due to the pandemic,” said Dr. Bernard Tahim, President of Great Mind Bintulu.

“We look forward to welcoming lecturers and students from Taylor’s College of Medicine for health checks and others once it is safe to travel,” he added.

TUMS in collaboration with the College of Medicine continues to consider the well-being of the community to make a difference in improving healthcare delivery.

Medical recently raised RM4,239 for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia and volunteered over the weekends to vaccinate 25 non-mobile cancer patients daily from home between August and October 2021.

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