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Teacher in Japan leaks info of 29 students while trying to sell it on Twitter

Ishikawamisato Municipal Education Board Public Affairs Director Yumi Aikawa, left, and Superintendent of Education Wataru Watai, are seen bowing an apology for an information leak by a teacher in his jurisdiction, at the Municipal Building in Ichikawamisato, Yamanashi Prefecture, on Jan. 29. , 2022 (Mainichi / Ayano Tanaka)

ICHIKAWAMISATO, Yamanashi – A primary teacher here leaked personal information including the names and addresses of 29 students at his school on Twitter, the city’s Board of Education announced Jan.

According to the Ishikawamisato Municipal Board of Education, a school teacher in his 20s tweeted that he was “having financial problems” on January 24. Then an account claiming to run a “personal loan company” contacted him, telling him that they would “purchase the students’ personal information.” The teacher then downloaded the student list to his computer, printed it out, took a picture of it, and sent the picture to the alleged lender via Twitter direct message.

On January 27, a Twitter user posted the photo, which is withheld except for student numbers, and wrote: “Teacher who tried to sell personal information.” The tweet also included a picture of the teacher and his name. A town employee noticed the tweet the next morning.

The leaked list included personal information of all 29 third and fourth graders in the school. It also contained the students’ gender, the names of their parents and guardians, as well as their emergency contacts.

Apparently the teacher told the Board of Education, “I’ve been struggling financially and stupidly for eating the other person’s bait. I feel sorry for the students and their parents.” He reportedly also clarified that he did not receive any money for this information. The authorities have not confirmed any illegal use of the leaked data.

“It is something that should not have happened, and we sincerely apologize to the students and their parents who were affected,” Ichikawamisato Board of Education President Wataru Watai said at a press conference on January 29.

The Twitter account that released the information has since been deleted. The Board of Education consulted the Yamanashi Prefectural Police Kajikazawa Police Station on the case, focusing on filing criminal complaints against the teacher as well as the person behind the now-deleted account.

(Japanese original by Ayano Tanaka, Kofu Office)


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