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Teen accused of making mass shooting threat toward MSD on social media faces felony charge – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports

Parkland, Florida. (WSVN) – Representatives have arrested a juvenile accused of spreading a mass shooting threat to an already-tragedy Parkland school.

According to Broward Sheriff’s office, a mass shooting was threatened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in a social media chat room.

The affidavit of arrest states that 17-year-old Oliver Mannick sent a text message to a group of friends, on Wednesday night.

The script read, “I feel like I’m shooting at school tomorrow. When I sneeze that’s a signal to go to the bathroom, OK? I hope you’re not a snoozer.”

The students learned about the threat on Thursday.

“It is concerning for us, as is our mental health. School is supposed to be a safe place for all of us,” said Santiago Calderon, an MSD student.

The mother of the arrested teen said he didn’t mean it, it was a joke to him.

“He’s a normal kid from a normal family and a safe environment. He doesn’t realize the world is not that safe,” she said.

Manek’s mother said the family was not living in the United States when the MSD massacre occurred.

We used to live in a country where schools are safe. Schools in my country are very safe. Our mentality is very peaceful. “He just wanted to appear among his friends,” she said. “This is not an excuse for his behaviour. It is just an explanation for his behaviour. All threats must be investigated. I understand that.”

Investigators were made aware of the threat on Wednesday morning and were able to locate the suspect.

“This should not be taken lightly,” said Zianaria Joseph, a student at MSD. “I think it’s taken a lot of light now.”

Manek has been arrested and faces the charge of writing a mass shooting threat, a felony charge.

In a voice mail message sent to parents of MSD students, School Principal Michelle Keeford said, “I want to thank everyone for their role in safely resolving this situation. I also want to remind all students and families how seriously all threats are taken. Parents, Please speak with your children to remind them that any threat – even if they think it is a joke – will lead to serious consequences.In Florida, threatening a school is a second-degree felony.Students also face disciplinary action at school as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, including: That expulsion.”

BSO continues to investigate.

On February 14, 2018, one of the worst mass shootings in US history occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Seventeen people were killed after a gunman entered the school and opened fire, including Fred Gutenberg’s daughter, Jaime Gutenberg.

“I’m sorry; we’re angry. I’m done. It’s not impossible to solve. It’s not a Second Amendment issue. We can save lives. It’s not rocket science.”

The gunman, Nicholas Cruz, has since pleaded guilty to the crime and is awaiting sentencing.

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