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The Citadel to cover funding for room and board, one year tuition for qualifying ROTC scholarship recipients enrolling for fall 2022

Cadets Connor William Deans, the first fortress assigned to the United States Space Force, is congratulated by Colonel Matthew Morand, Commander of the College’s ROTC Unit in 2021

Our goal is to remove some financial hurdles for our students in the 2026 class of ROTC Scholarships students, so they can work and focus on being officer ready upon graduation.

Castle, the South’s No. 1 public college, will now cover the cost of room and board for new incoming students enrolled for Fall 2022 who have ROTC scholarships. This portion of the Citadel Service to Country Scholarship 2026 represents total estimated savings of approximately $32,000 per eligible student over their four years.

Additionally, since some ROTC scholarships cover only three years of tuition fees, the Citadel Service to Country Scholarship 2026 will cover tuition and fees for this gap year for new students admitted to the ROTC scholarship, which is up to $36,400 for each student. Combined with Chamber and Council funding, this represents potential savings of approximately $68,000 over four years for these individuals.

Citadel President, General Glenn M. “Our goal is to remove some of the financial hurdles for our students in the 2026 class of ROTC Scholarships, so they can work and focus on being officer ready upon graduation, and leave ready for success over the course of their careers.”

Nearly a third of every graduating class at The Citadel accepts commissions to become military officers upon graduation, although that is not a requirement. The education of many of the Corps’ cadets is funded by ROTC Scholarships from the Air Force, Space Force, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, based on a combination of achievement and need, as determined by the individual branches.

How do I qualify for the Citadel Service to Country Scholarship 2026 or for the ROTC Scholarship?

The Citadel admissions team and ROTC detachment leaders are ready to help guide you through the process of registration for the 2022-23 academic year. Here are the steps:

1- Apply for the ROTC Scholarship

2- Apply and accept at The Citadel to register as a student recruit in August 2022

3- Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 during your time as a student with the South Carolina Corps of Cadets

Application Deadlines for ROTC Scholarships by Branch

Navy ROTC – December 31, 2022

Contact the first Navy NROTC instructor at the castle, Lieutenant Justin Boyle, by calling (843) 953-1605.

Air Force/Space Force – January 31, 2022

Read more about applying for a USAF ROTC scholarship here, or a USSF ROTC scholarship here, or email the USAF/USSF detachment at The Citadel for assistance by emailing Captain Jamal Alford at jalford2@citadel.edu.

Marine Corps ROTC – January 31, 2022

Contact the Marine Corps Officer Instructor of the U.S. Marine Corps ROTC in Citadel by calling Captain Lindsey Baylor at (843) 953-5175.

Army Reserve Officers Training – February 4, 2022

Contact the National Army ROTC here, or contact the Palmetto Battalion Army recruitment officer in Citadel by emailing nthomps5@citadel.edu or calling (843) 953-6593.

Your savings in numbers

The estimated savings for class of 2026 ROTC Citadel Scholarship students will be as follows:

Providing rooms and food

$32,000 (estimated) room and board for 4 years

One-year tuition fee for one academic year to complete the three-year ROTC Scholarships (estimated)

13,200 dollars inside the country

$36,400 out of state

Not seeking a ROTC scholarship but still seeking financial aid?

Nearly 50% of all students who attend The Citadel and maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average receive some type of scholarship support – for the class of 2026 that will save approximately $3 million, not including The Citadel Service to Country Scholarship 2026.

To find out how you can qualify for scholarships and financial aid, visit our Financial Aid website, email Financial_aid@citadel.edu or call the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office at (843) 953-5187.

Apply to join the South Carolina Cadet at CITADEL here.

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