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THE EXECUTIVE’S DESK: Anderson offers resources for NM businesses

Today more than ever, institutions of higher education have a responsibility to actively participate in activities that promote the economic development of society while offering skills-based opportunities to students.

Robert Delcampo

Recognizing and acting upon this responsibility is a top priority at UNM Anderson School of Management, which is why we have established our Office of Corporate and Community Engagement. Through our efforts to engage employers and our community, both locally and regionally, we seek to enrich learners at all levels and create growth opportunities for the communities we serve.

Anderson serves the university and the community in a number or ways, most importantly connecting the resources of New Mexico’s leading business school to our local economy. We provide opportunities for local businesses to hire interns and facilitate classroom projects in partnership with local businesses, entrepreneurs, and faculty. In addition, we provide access to learning opportunities for community members looking to reskill or upskill to prepare themselves for change or growth in their careers.

It is estimated that over the next 10 years, 50% of workers will find that their skills are insufficient. In response to the growing trends of skill-based training and rigorous credentials relevant to specific industries, Anderson has built several new programs to educate those not traditionally addressed in the post-secondary education landscape. Here are four opportunities companies can take advantage of to enhance the skills of their current employees and expand their employee base by helping students.

Access to professional educationThe market for these services grew to $10 billion in 2020, and Anderson is committed to providing access to these offerings for our domestic market and beyond. We have developed a range of valuable and attractive Executive and Professional courses to meet these needs, including Mini Certificates in Digital Marketing, Business Analysis, Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management.

Engage in customized training: Anderson also offers customized leadership training solutions for any company looking to create a personalized session for their employees. Customized training can be tailored to the specific needs of our community businesses and nonprofit partners, providing a valuable and highly personalized option for employee leadership training.

Connect your work with your apprentices and young apprentices: In addition to supporting our community business through training and employment opportunities, Anderson’s mission is to connect them with our talented students who are eager to do business with local businesses.

We strive to provide them with opportunities to interact with the business community and have created an internship program that benefits our students and the local economy. Internships facilitated through Anderson provide employers with the opportunity to hire a student for a semester or academic year to give them a realistic view of the job so that they can assess their skills and aspirations aligning with those of the organization.

We understand that some companies cannot commit to hiring interns but may still need short-term assistance. We can connect these companies with students looking to complete a partial internship: five to 40 hour individual student projects or teacher-led classroom projects.

Get business development support: Anderson influences business development very successfully. Now, under Anderson’s umbrella, the UNU Innovation Academy has helped form nearly 150 income-generating student companies in the past five years. These companies range from bedroom e-commerce businesses to biotech startups and have raised more than $2 million from outside investors.

Likewise, the Small Business Institute offers support from our student body for small and emerging businesses. Community members can work with the Small Business Institute to find solutions to their pressing issues, consult projects, or extend counseling. Recognizing the impact of small business in our community is a cornerstone of our commitment to society, and these opportunities provide our students with rich opportunities to apply learning in the classroom.

New Mexicans serving New Mexican businesses is critical to the success of our common economy. Anderson wants to be a channel for students and alumni to interact with our local economy, whatever its needs. We are excited to offer these new programs to connect students, alumni, and local businesses together while our economy eventually recovers and grows.

More information about Anderson’s Office of Corporate and Community Engagement is available at http://mgt.unm.edu/cce.

Robert Delcampo, PhD, is the senior executive director of the Anderson Office of Corporate and Community Engagement, the executive director of the University of New Mexico’s Innovation Academy, now based again at the Anderson School, and the Routledge Professor of Management. Anderson offers more than a dozen concentrations at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels and is accredited by the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Business Schools in the top 20% of business schools in the country. The Executive Office is a guest column that provides advice, comment, or information about resources available to the New Mexico business community. To submit a column for consideration, email gporter@abqjournal.com.

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