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The Marketing Help is launching a free student mentorship program and scholarship

good singer And Eric Harbison Both count the long careers in the marketing industry that have thrived through the launch and growth of digital marketing. Now, they’re giving that experience to the next generation.

The couple met while working at the tech company based in King of Prussia Trade GSI More than a decade ago (before selling the company to ebay in 2011 for $2.4 billion). Singer said Harbison was his mentor, and they kept in touch for years after they were no longer co-workers. Both have moved on to work with universities locally and across the region to develop their own marketing approaches.

After years of teamwork and mentoring thousands of students, Singer and Harbison started a podcast – Marketing profession – This would spawn their business now. In 2018, they released Marketing helpIt is an online space for mentorship, training and career mobility resources where people working in marketing can network.

With four decades of combined experience in the industry, the pair were looking for a way to influence and inform future marketers. The platform contains podcasts, and offers courses such as “Marketing Dream Job Bootcamp” and “Job Search Bootcamp”, as well as Interview guides and e-books A membership program for the newsletter and resource library. The goal, Singer said Technical, is to help a million marketing professionals accelerate their careers.

And this month, the couple is finding their way back to their business roots. In January, The Marketing Help rolls out some resources specifically aimed at college students: Free Membership at TMH +, which gives users access to hundreds of resources in its library, matches them with a virtual career mentor, weekly working hours, and monthly group chat sessions. TMH+ is available to anyone interested in these services, but for undergraduates with an active .edu email address, the $199 per month service is now available for free.

Singer said virtual services make sense for the business world in which we operate.

“Because of what’s going on with the distributed nature of teams, we don’t see a return to the ‘everyone goes back to the office’ mentality,” he said. “We’re studying for a hybrid model.”

The company is also establishing a “Future of Marketing” scholarship program of $5,000 for any undergraduate student in the United States studying business, marketing, or communications. Few of the domestic higher education institutions such as University of Pennsylvania And Penn State University They are partners in these new initiatives, but any student from anywhere in the United States is eligible to apply if they are seeking a job in those three areas. The first round of applications ends May 31, and applications can be made by the 2022-2023 academic year.

Apply here

Online programming and scholarships determine how the co-founders feel the marketing industry is going, particularly in a world affected by the pandemic. Those interested in applying are requested to record interviews with marketing professionals active in their field and to create a video presentation outlining their visions and how they will incorporate them into their careers. Singer said he and Harbison hope to offer more than one scholarship per year, over the next few years, and TMH+ subscriptions will help fund the effort.

“[The pandemic] It really changed how business professionals work. Marketing rituals and data presentations – all thrown into flux. “The way you manage your career in a hybrid work environment has changed,” Singer said. “You’ll need to find a way to connect with your manager and team in different ways. The networking you usually do at conferences and get-togethers has changed. The new focus is on finding online communities you can connect with.”


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