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The most comprehensive scholarship program in the world welcomes applications

AnkaraAnd TurkeyAnd January 27 2022 /PRNewswire/- Turkey, through its government-funded scholarship program, welcomes international students and researchers as a popular destination for higher education at all academic levels as well as research and language learning opportunities.

The “Turkish Scholarships” program, specially designed for international students and researchers, with all its scholarship provisions and services. What makes the Turkish Scholarships unique is their advantage of providing university entry and programs as part of the scholarship application.

According to YTB President Abdullah Eren, students’ interest in Scholarships The offer has been on the rise with each passing year since the “Turkish Scholarships” was commissioned by the Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB), the body responsible for managing the scholarship programme.

“In 2012, the Turkish Scholarship Program received 42,000 applications, while last year it reached a record 165,500 applications from 178 different countries. This year, we also aim to set a new record,” said Eren.

The Foundation offers about 5,000 scholarships each year including full-time degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD) as well as short-term programs such as research grants and language and culture programmes. Noting the great interest shown by the program, Erin noted that this is due to the wide range of services and programs covered by the scholarship.

“It is an all-inclusive program that covers college admissions and programs, cost of tuition fees, monthly stipends, accommodation, health expenses, and round-trip airfare for all students. Hence, it is one of the most comprehensive scholarship programs in the world.”

The scholarship program is competitive and merit-based, in which additional social and other qualifications are taken into account alongside the academic excellence of the candidates. All winners are provided with a free one-year Turkish language course regardless of their program and academic background. Students get the opportunity to learn about Turkish culture through a variety of excursions and programs offered in their first year, along with learning the Turkish language.

Aiming to promote Turkey Relations with other countries in the fields of higher education and culture. Students become part of a large family of 15,000 current scholarship students and 170,000 international students in Turkey. After graduation, students are initiated into the Turkey Alumni Network, which includes around 150,000 alumni from more than 156 countries.

With the aim of providing a comprehensive educational experience in TurkeyThe Turkish Scholarships also provides arts, culture, history, sports-related social activities and training programs for scholarship holders, as well as introducing them to academics, institutions and organizations operating in their fields of specialization, and academic advisory services throughout the period of their studies.
The scholarship program aims to enhance mutual understanding between recipient countries and TurkeyAs well as increasing cooperation and cultural interaction.

Applications for 2022 are open from January 10 to January 20 February 2022, received online through the online application system for the scholarship program is free of charge.
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About Turkey Scholarships

Turkish Scholarships (Turkish: Türkiye Bursları) is an international scholarship program funded by the government Turkey. With 5,000 scholarships annually, the program is the largest Turkish scholarship program for international students with 165,500 of them applying from 178 different countries in 2021.

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