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The music goes on: Club donates to Joe Phillips Scholarship Fund – Davie County Enterprise Record

Written by Nikki Christensen
Davey community

For the past 10 years, this deserving Davy student has been awarded the Joe Phillips Memorial Scholarship.
Joe’s son Eric established the scholarship as a way to give back to students in memory of his father’s life.
Joe Phillips grew up in Davie County where he spent his childhood riding motorcycles and motorbikes, shooting guns, listening to music and playing guitar. Joe walked to the beat of his own drum. He was a unique man who brought a special energy and passion into the lives of his family and friends.
Eric fondly remembers his father’s fun-loving personality. “I felt incredibly lucky to have a father and a boyfriend like him. He was the best friend and father a boy could have. I used to say that when he was alive too.”
Eric grew up listening to his father playing guitar as often as he could remember. Joe often played at small venues in and around Mocksville.
He was also an active volunteer with the Arts Council and enjoyed participating in their events. Joe was passionate about music and the arts. The scholarship continues to honor his memory by helping students who share his same passion.
Since 1996, the Winston-Salem Radio Control Club has leased land on the Phillips family farm for their aerial business. Located in the heart of Davie County, the helipad has two wings, a clubhouse, and an 800-foot grass strip. A tarp runway allows small electric aircraft a smooth place to take off and land.
On any good-weather weekend, the public is invited to watch these flight enthusiasts in action.
In December, the club hosted “Two Plane Raffle” for the Joe Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund. Club members sold lottery tickets and thanks to a partnership with Andrew Thornton, owner of Ho-b RC Park, two planes were donated as raffle prizes. On Saturday, December 11th, at the Winston-Salem Radio Control Club Gala Dinner, winners were announced, and two new RC planes found homes.
On December 20, Eric Phillips and members of the Winston-Salem Radio Control Club met at the Davie Community Foundation. The club presented a check for $1,000 in proceeds from the scholarship’s charitable raffle. Eric was happy and surprised with the amount.
The Davie Community Foundation General Scholarship Application is now available. This application is where college and high school seniors can go to submit a single application that “matches” them to all scholarships for which they are eligible. The last date to apply for the general scholarship is February 10.
Do you know a college student or high school student who needs help paying for college? Encourage this student to apply to Daviefoundation.org.
The Foundation accepts gifts in any amount and at any time: for the Existing Fund, the Community Grants Fund, or the Davie Community Impact Fund. Options to create chests named in honor or memory are available.
To learn more, contact Jane Simpson at (336) 753-6903, jsimpson@daviefoundation.org, or visit www.daviefoundation.org.

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