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The No Depth Chart – And The Valley Shook

Can we talk about this depth chart for a moment? I mean, I’ll save you my annual “bowl games don’t matter but that’s fine” speech, but just marvel at this:

Everything about this speaks volumes about how devastating LSU’s roster is. It has now been two consecutive seasons of horrific injuries. Last year, well, that was everyone, even if LSU got worse than most, but this season…oh my god.

Lots of things jump out at me, so let’s tackle them one by one.

First, of the 22 freshmen LSU listed in the bowl game, nine are novices. nine. To put that in perspective, in the first week, LSU only had two freshmen in full depth. And the only first-week rookie, Major Burns, doesn’t play the bowl game.

Not only were nine new players starting, but nine freshmen who weren’t even a base reserve in September, with the exception of Garrett Nosmeyer, who we weren’t even sure we’d be playing until the depth chart came out. As it stands, Neusmayr is the only healthy player on the roster. Back up is Tavon Folk, Walking.

Shea Dixon noted the most egregious part of the depth chart: LSU has only three corners listed. They are a freshman, a transfer student of Nichols, and an advanced student. This team was showing off, at the start of the season, not one but two true American competitors.

LSU has gone, on paper, from perhaps the greatest angle depth chart in school history, which says something, to almost no options on the field. If only one corner gets hit, or the hell gets sick of it, LSU can’t align three corners in defense without a position switch. surprising.

The drain is amazing. The only situation when attacking with the same players listed on the two is deep in the first week and pot game stays cautious (Ed Ingram and Marlon Martinez). It’s the same in defense, the only position with the same depth is the free safety (Jay Ward and Jordan Tools).

In the first week, LSU had nine returning players listed on either side of the ball, which is a great deal of experience to return. How many of the eighteen starters made it to the finish line? Five in attack, representing the entire offensive line, the unit still largely intact. In defense, it’s just Jay Ward again.

This is the twelve returning players who lost. And somehow it gets even worse when you look at production from this season.

LSU’s depth scheme is missing center back (373 from 432 pass attempts and 2814 from 3,169 yards), its leading push (211 from 325 non-QB and 1003 from 1,313 fast yards), and top receiver (Boutte’s 38 catches and 508 yards still). lead the team).

The Tigers are three of their top five players, including Damon Clarke, the team’s best defender all season. LSU has a sack captain at BJ Ojulari, but is missing the only other guy with more than 5 sacks a year. LSU had five players with at least 3 PBUs per season, only Darren Evans would play in the bowl game.

Hey, but at least we got our target.

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