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The Path to a New Year’s Six Bowl for the Michigan State Spartans

After a great season for Mel Tucker and the Spartans, the only thing left is to wait for their bowl show. Thanks to a 10-2 season, the Spartans are ranked 11th in the latest rankings, putting them in line for a major match despite being chosen to finish last in the Big Ten East division.

The path to a fiesta or peaches dish is simple enough, but it may not be in a way that suits Spartan lovers. Easy and simple, you have to root for Michigan in the title game Big Ten. A win for the Wolverines would send them to the college football game and clear the way for the state to play in one of its six New Year’s Eve.

The Rose Bowl is probably out of the question for the Spartans. A Wolverine win would likely send the Ohio State Buckeyes, who are currently seventh and have a head-to-head competition versus MSU, to the Rose Bowl.

Many bowl games are associated with a conference. For example, the Rose Bowl is always associated with the Big-10 & the Pac-12. Bids will be delivered to the conference winner in the days leading up to college football games. That’s still the case now unless you’re in line for a spot on the last four. So, if Michigan beats Iowa, it was said before they went to the quarterfinals. If that happens, the selection committee takes the next highest-ranked team to play in the Rose Bowl, which will be Ohio State.

On the flip side of that, if Michigan loses, Iowa will get to show the Rose Bowl, where they will be the conference champion and representative. This is not the scenario that the Spartans want, even with a loss of Wolverine would not lag behind the Spartans in the rankings. Also, since neither of them are playing, they won’t have a chance to jump on Ohio State either.

As much pain as it may cause, rooting for Wolverines is in the best interest of all Spartans. On the positive side, even if it’s not a New Year’s Six Cup game, Michigan State will still play a major game in January.

Mel Tucker built a solid foundation in his sophomore year. It wouldn’t be the last time the Spartans queued for a major match, and the next step could be a watershed.

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