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The top 10 most-read medical ethics articles in 2021

Per month , AMA Journal of Ethics® (Tweet embed) gathers insights from clinicians and other experts to explore issues in medical ethics closely relevant to clinicians in practice and future clinicians now in medical schools, as well as to other health professionals who make up the health care team.

Below, find the 10 most famous AMA Journal of Ethics Articles published this year.

    1. Defining typical appearance as a goal of health service delivery is harmful and unnecessary for stigmatized traits but is not harmful or distressing. Read more about “Visibility and Measurability in Healthcare” in the July 2021 issue.
    1. Limited language proficiency is a driver of health inequality and exacerbates other social determinants of health. Read more in the February 2021 issue, “Equality in Racial and Racial Health in the United States: Part 1.”
    1. To achieve health equity, governments can use a variety of tools, including civil rights legislation and constitutional jurisprudence. Read more in the March 2021 issue, “Equality in Racial and Racial Health in the United States: Part 2.”
    1. Patients’ cultural, religious, and social norms deserve respect, but the effects of some decisions on patient outcomes can be unfair and morally worrisome.
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    1. Physicians and pharmacists play key roles in addressing the social determinants of health and health inequality.
    1. Confronting the viral pandemic, lack of resources, insufficient coordination of the response, and alignment with the roles of clinicians in the Holocaust remains important. Read more about “The Holocaust Remnants in Health Care” in our January 2021 issue.
    1. Sterilization requires physicians’ surgical skills. Forced sterilization requires the complicity of many doctors.
    1. Unethically acquired information, from Nazi experiments or from other sources, infects the body of biomedical and scientific knowledge.
    1. Institutional racism mediates structural racism and is an integral part of institutional policies, clinical practice, health professional training, and biomedical research.
    1. The resurgence of anti-Asian racism and xenophobia during the COVID-19 pandemic is seen in light of American history and personal experience. Read more about “Visibility and Measurability in Healthcare” in our July 2021 issue.

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