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Top 10 ways to stay occupied as a part-time student – The Cavalier Daily

1. Make a bucket list and explore Charlottesville

First of all, go out and explore Charlottesville! With the beautiful scenery all around us, take the time to visit places and do the activities you always wanted to do but never found time for before. The easiest way to keep track of this is to create a bucket list and start crossing ideas off the list as the class progresses. Some of the goals on my bucket list include hiking Humpback Mountain with friends, running on the Rivanna Trail and taking interactive drawing lessons. Make it fun, make it full of adventure and see how much you can write off by the end of the year.

2. Make time to look for a job after college

Many of us part-time students will likely enter our last semester of college. While this can be a scary and daunting time as many students begin the process of securing a job after graduation, remember that being a part-time student gives you more time to explore your opportunities, and take advantage of Career Center Resources And start connecting with people in the university’s network who share similar professional interests. While it can be easy to let the days slip by, be intentional about devoting time to this process if that’s what interests you.

3. Find a part-time job or internship

One incredible thing about Charlottesville is that there are so many opportunities that surround us, not only in the university community but in the greater Charlottesville community as well. Believe it or not, being an undergraduate gives you a leg up when looking for job opportunities in the Charlottesville area, whether you want to be a restaurant server, barista, receptionist, or part-time apprentice. Take time to do some research, find opportunities and businesses that interest you the most, inquire about business opportunities and pursue them. Not only will this help you find a way to occupy your time, but it will also help you grow your network and connect with the community in beneficial ways. If you already have a part-time job and feel as if you still have some time on your hands, consider browsing shake hand And look for additional training opportunities.

4. Make time for self-care and growth

We get so caught up in our daily routines that we often forget to be aware of our emotional health and well-being. When you enter a part-time classroom, remind yourself to engage in a self-care routine every day that reduces your anxiety and stress, improves your mood and focus, and generates happiness. Personally, I have found that reading for ten to twenty minutes each night before bed helps me relax so that I sleep with a clear mind. Some other ways include writing a journal, eating foods that replenish your body, and exercising.

5. Spend more time with people you can’t see often

Do you often think of that one friend that you can’t spend as much time with as you’d like? I know I’ve been in this situation before, and it’s a tough one. You try to make plans but somehow, they always seem to fall through the cracks. With a more flexible schedule, make more effort to find these people and allow yourself to be absorbed. In the long run, you’ll be grateful you did. Not only will this help you nurture lifelong friendships, but it will also give you a chance to try new experiences with people who are important to you.

6. Make meaningful contact with your professors

There is something special and unique about sharing a connection with a professor – someone you look to not only as a mentor, but as a mentor and leader. With a full schedule, it can be difficult to make meaningful contact with your professors. You find yourself dashing outside the classroom to get to your next class or rushing to a library to finish an assignment. With a lighter schedule, make time to meet your professors, introduce yourself and learn more about them. Trust me, they want to know more about you too. For more tips, see Zachary Anderson’s article on how to do it To show appreciation and thanks to your professors.

7. Join the extracurricular club

If you find that you are struggling to find ways to occupy your time, I suggest joining a non-formal club. Whether you are a passionate athlete, writer, creator, philanthropist, musician or anything else, I know there are opportunities for you to explore your passion within the university community. All it takes is a little research, networking, and networking with other students. Two years ago when I decided I wanted to join a community within the university that would further my passion for writing, I did some research, got in touch with two students who participated in The Cavalier Daily and found my place. I’m sure you can too.

8. Allow yourself to be more active

We often forget the importance of activity in our daily lives – especially when we are bombarded and overwhelmed by things like schoolwork, extracurricular activities, exams, etc. By setting aside a specific time during your day when you choose to do something active, you allow yourself time to de-stress, refuel, and clear your mind. Coming from someone who sometimes has trouble motivating themselves to do something active, I guarantee it will make you feel better physically and, most importantly, mentally. Whether you enjoy competition, are more introverted, eager for new experiences or find pleasure in more relaxing activities, there are plenty of ways to stay active. Consider getting involved in team sportand visit one of Fitness facilities on the groundfalls in to Free Zumba or Kickboxing class or browsing Youtube For Pilates or Flow Yoga.

9. Take time to do a small act of kindness to someone

With so many extra hours in your day, take more time to make others feel special. There are many things you can do to make others feel appreciated and appreciated, such as writing a thoughtful card for someone, making a phone call to a friend, or asking someone to go for a walk or have lunch with you. By doing these things, you instill a sense of self-worth in others, which helps them feel a level of fulfillment and fulfillment. If you wake up one morning thinking about what you’re going to do with your day, make an effort to start a shared connection with someone.

10. Use your time to do more of what you love

Whether you like reading, hiking, drawing, painting, or riding a bike, dedicate more of your time to doing things that make you happy. Entering my final semester at university as a part-time student, I’m confident to say that spending time doing the things you love has a powerful positive effect on your mental health and well-being. While it can often be difficult to choose to go for an hour’s walk instead of reading fifty pages of your textbook of psychology, remember that it is important to make certain sacrifices to ensure your happiness.

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