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Top 3 dining hall meals at NIU

Mingda Wu

A pan of pizza sits at the brickhouse section in New Hall dining. Students regularly go to this section for its quick, ready-to-go options.

NIU has no shortage of dining hall options. All around campus, every NIU student has been to one of them at least once. But with so many different food options, it’s hard to know what the definitive best dining food is from each hall.

New Hall’s chicken tenders

New Hall is probably the most varied dining hall when it comes to the number of food options, but this quantity doesn’t ensure a consistent level of quality. While you may be bound to dislike some of their options, the chicken tenders are hot, tender and served at the right consistency. Plus, due to the nature of New Hall’s cafeteria-style, you can always get seconds. Chicken tenders are widely considered to be very good, both to people in the residence hall itself and to people just coming to eat.

Neptune’s sweet & sour chicken

It’s rare when another culture’s food is attempted and actually succeeded. Neptune, however, has seemed to hit this sweet spot (no pun intended). It offers the same chicken taste we all know and love but also manages to get right what so many couldn’t: the sauce. The sauce itself is probably the best thing about the dish and keeps me and many others going back for seconds.

Stevenson’s pizza

Stevenson’s grill option is one of the best on-campus and serves cooked, ready-to-go meals only for the cost of a meal swipe. The best item out of this grill, however, has to be the pizza. The pizza is customizable and baked quickly, meaning that in no time, you’ll have a hot pizza to eat. The actual ingredients are what makes the pizza delicious. With stringy cheese and juicy toppings, it is probably the best meal on campus.


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