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Top 3 places to study at on campus

Madelaine Vikse

The Huskie Den is located in the Holmes Student Center and is one of the recommended places to study at (Madelaine Vikse | Northern Star)

Midterm season is quickly approaching, whether we like it or not. That means a lot of studying will take place and you will need a spot to hunker down and focus. Here are some of the best study spots on campus, and don’t forget your study essentials.

Holmes Student Center

The HSC is truly the heart of campus. It has multiple seating options, a fireplace and various restaurants that make it a good spot to get all day studying done.

You can make a stop at Starbucks and get a drink and maybe a pastry, then head over to the many tables the student center has to get some work done.

When a good study break is needed, you can get something to eat at either the Depot C-Store, Huskie Den Grill or Qdoba. They’re perfect for students because they take Huskie Bucks or dining dollars and offer meal exchange as well.

That’s all on the first floor, but Britiany Wilson, a junior computer science major, said that the second floor of the HSC student is the best study spot.

“I think the upper level is the best because it’s quiet but not awkwardly quiet,” Wilson said.

The HSC is a good place for both group and solo studying, depending on which floor you choose.

Founders Memorial Library

The library is the place to get some hardcore studying done because it’s completely quiet and has multiple floors with multiple seating options. It has rows and rows of books to help you research and if you need help finding something the staff is helpful.

You can also find the University Writing Center and tutoring in the library if you need extra help on assignments. There are also printing stations. If you need extra-quiet spaces, you can check out the study rooms. They are on a first-come, first-serve basis, but you can reserve them here.

The library has a ton of seating options by the big windows on the second, third, and fourth floors, which is a good place to study because of all the natural sunlight and nice views.

For a study break, you can head down to the basement and check out Einstein Bros. Bagels for a coffee and a quick bite to eat.

NIU Engineering Building

The Engineering Building is a bit away from the majority of the campus, but there are a handful of buses that drop you off right in front of it. Some of the buses are the 2L and 2R. For arrival times, check out the City of DeKalb public transit website here.

Brooke Benford, a junior biomedical engineering major, said she finds the Engineering Building to be the best study spot.

“I need an area that has a lot of sunlight,” Benford said. “The light keeps me focused and keeps my energy high. Since it has so many windows, the engineering building is where I study the most.”

You don’t need to be an engineering student to access the building, so hop on a bus to the building and get some work done.


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