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Top 5 affordable restaurants in DeKalb for students

The restaurant scene in DeKalb is vibrant, to say the least. So many types of restaurants from different cultures, all bring their cuisine to DeKalb. There is a hint of truth to the “broke college student” stereotype we all hear, so for the sake of the sake of our pocketbooks here are the five most affordable restaurants for students in DeKalb.

  • China House, 1900 Sycamore Rd

China House is a staple on campus. Located on Anne Glidden Road, right across the street from the university, China House offers mouthwatering Chinese cuisine. During the day they offer a buffet option, which allows you to stack up on food for a low amount of money, plus the plate option the restaurant offers is a lifesaver.

  • Vinny’s Pizza, 221 W. Lincoln Hwy

Vinny’s Pizza and NIU students have had a close relationship for years, with Vinny’s being the go-to pizza place for many on-campus residents. Regardless, the pizza is probably the best thing you get out of the whole deal. For the price, the size of the pizza is awesome, and if you happen to be particularly strapped for cash then there’s always the option to use Huskie Bucks.

  • Burritoville, 1026 W. Hillcrest Dr

DeKalb is a great spot for fans of Mexican food, given all the options available for you to eat at. Burritoville makes a spot on this list simply because its style is most fitting for a college campus. The food is surprisingly cheap for its quality and the restaurant delivers in the early hours of the morning when almost everything else is closed which is perfect for a student.

  • Pizza Pros, 1205 W. Lincoln Hwy

Even though there is already a local pizza restaurant on this list, Pizza Pros deserves a spot because Pizza Pros is just as influential due to the extensive delivery and deals on bulk orders, which is ideal for a large party or just a group hangout.

  • Fushi Yami, 822 W. Lincoln Hwy

Sushi has become sort of representative of fine cuisine here in the US but Fushi Yami, despite serving sushi, seems to still be a hotspot for student activity on campus. If you need a place to get fried rice or a quick roll, Fushi Yami won’t break the bank.

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