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Tracking every departure, arrival and roster change in Louisville football’s 2022 offseason

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The NCAA has allowed players an extra season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and for some players, it’s still unclear if they’ll return because they have an extra season of eligibility left but may not use it. Several Louisville players have already said they are moving forward. Here’s a look at these players:

CG AveryLinebacker – A junior player for five years and a leading striker in the past three seasons of Louisville’s defense, Avery has been credited with 349 tackles during his career. He’s had more career tackles than any other defender in the U of L in the past 25 years. Avery played in a total of 59 games and finished the season with 97 tackles, 6.5 tackles for a loss, and three sacks.

Cole Bentley, center – Bentley played center stage for most of his career in Louisville and started 43 games, appearing in a total of 52 games with the Cardinals. Bentley was a fifth-year student and was a mainstay at the center for three consecutive seasons.

Maurice Berkeley, Backward – Berkeley suffered a season-ending injury in 2020, but picked up a season-ending injury in 2020, but returned for the final season in 2021. He rushed 22 times for 102 yards and a TD in his final season. For his career, Burkley loaded 63 times for 325 yards and two TDs and had four assists for 27 yards.

Ryan Chalifoux, Place Player – Chalifoux has been a walker throughout his career and ultimately, was the side kick expert for the Cardinals. During his career, Shalevo scored an additional 22 points, started eight times, was 1 for 3 on field goals, and completed a 7-yard field goal pass fake to TD. Marshawn Ford In 2019 against North Carolina State.

owner clarkDefensive line – Clarke has been through the seniors’ celebrations but he played in the bowl game and there was no word that he was moving forward. Clarke has played 40 games during his career and has 40 career interferences from the nose guard position.

Qwyninterrio Cool, Safety – The former Alcorn State star came to Louisville with one season of eligibility and played well with the Cardinals. He finished with 86 tackles, five losing tackles, and seven pass deflections, and was selected to the Shrine Bowl.

Derek Dorsey, Defensive Lineman – The former high school senior played handyman for five years and saw action in 56 career games. Dorsey finished 43 tackles, 2.5 tackles for a loss, and 1.5 sacks during his career.

Mitch Hall, Long Snapper – Another player for five years with the Cardinals, Hall has been a sensation in 59 career games for Louisville. Hall has been linked with CJ Avery in the second most-played game in U of L history. He only had one bad shot in over 500 career shots at the U of L.

Dina Kinneard, Defensive Line Player – The former player was awarded a scholarship by the coaching staff and played 28 games during his career. Kinneard, who was slowed down by an off-season injury and played in just six games during his final season, ended up with 16 tackles, three for losing and 2.5 sacks in three seasons.

Tabarius Peterson, defensive line – Peterson finished his career as an all-time captain in games played in Louisville with a score of 60. He finished his career with 131 tackles, 14 tackles for a loss, six sacks, two forced fuss, and one faltered recovery.

Jordan Thomas, wide receiver – He played Lexington’s walk in only one game during his career but during his final season, he was one of the players who signaled in plays from the sidelines to attack Louisville.

Jack Turner, defensive line The former star from southern Mississippi played one season in Louisville. He was one of the players who turned in the middle of the defensive line and finished with 17 tackles, 1.5 tackles for a loss, and one sack.

Verts tea, wide receiver – Werts came to Louisville from Georgia Southern with one season left and transformed from quarterback to wide receiver. But he sustained an injury during the spring ball and was bothered by injuries throughout his time in Louisville. The former All-Conference quarterback had four catches for 23 yards in eight games at the U of L.

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