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Beginning in the 2020-21 school year, the Grand Island Central School District’s Department of Transportation will select a digital solution to distribute student bus information. We will take advantage of it and preserve it Versatrans e-Link® For parents/guardians to access their children’s bus information. Versatrans e-Link is an online student transportation parent portal, which enables parents to access their students’ transportation information and bus schedules at any time.

Preliminary information about the Student Bus Terminal for the academic year 2020-21 is currently active at the online link. This information is subject to change. Bus information will be generated on September 1, 2020. The information is updated regularly and can be accessed at any time. please note: Bus stop times are estimates and are subject to change. Please be at your station 5 minutes before. It takes approximately two weeks to establish actual Bus times. Please refer to the My Stop app to access live bus GPS data.

Transportation requirements: High and middle school students can walk up to five tenths (0.5) miles to reach the bus stop. Students in grades 2-5 may walk up to three tenths (0.3) miles to reach the bus stop; Kindergarten and first graders can walk up to one tenth (0.2) of a mile to reach the bus stop. Parents of K-1 students are required to meet their children at the bus stop to help ensure the safety of their children.

The following step-by-step guide will help you navigate the Versatrans e-Link digital tool to retrieve your child’s transportation information.

Step 1 – visit login page and login. Your username 5-digit student ID number, and his/her password 8-digit birthday (Example: 02082010 for date of birth February 8, 2010).


Step 2 On the next screen, once logged in, select “Work with Students”.


Step 3 On the next screen, select “View my students”.


Step 4 – Choose your child’s name on the next screen. They will be listed with their siblings and/or members of the same family.


Step 5 – You will see your child’s bus route information appear as follows. You can choose an export option if you’d like to see a printable version of this information (select “View as PDF” in the drop-down menu). please note: Your session will end after a certain period of inactivity.

In the transport information, you can find the following data:

  • Your child’s bus stops, morning and evening.
  • Your child’s bus arrival times, morning and evening.
  • Your child’s bus number.



Step 6 – If the fields are blank for your child’s bus information, one of the following options may apply:

  1. Your accommodation is within walking distance of your students’ attendance school.
  2. You have notified the transportation that you will drive your child to and from school (transport survey, phone, email, etc.).
  3. You have selected a virtual learning option for your student.

If you qualify for transportation and circumstances change, please notify the Transportation Department of your request as soon as possible. We will provide transportation, but implementation time may vary.


Step 7 – Please allow 5 days for your alternative bus stop requests to be updated.


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