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TS cops to help varsities put an end to fake certificates racket

Hyderabad: In an effort to end the threat of fake educational certificates, and their racket, the Telangana State Board of Higher Education (TSCHE) will coordinate with the state police to develop new technology while working with the National Academic Repository through the digital lock system to upload authentic certificates.

The Telangana Police, which makes extensive use of many techniques for regular police, will help the state-run universities to ensure that students do not fall into the trap of fake diplomas and that they only possess genuine ones.
TSCHE officials recently held a joint meeting of all Deputy Advisers and DGP, M Mahendar Reddy. High on the agenda was the alarming increase in forged educational certificates.

The DGP highlighted specific weak areas and how the neglectful attitude of some educational institutions helped provide fake diplomas on a large scale. To prevent such activities, universities should choose technology that can create degrees in a new format and can be downloaded digitally, he advised.

On Reddy’s advice, universities should opt for a digital lock system for QR codes or have identification tags in digital mode on diplomas to detect fake diplomas.

Thousands of real students lost opportunities due to the huge number of students with fake degrees. The racket is operated by a syndicate of agents who “arrange” forged or forged educational degrees for huge sums of money.

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