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TurnSignl Receives Contributions From Minnesota Vikings to Provide Free Subscriptions

Lots of people have signed up for TurnSignl. It was recently announced that the Minneapolis-based startup with a mission to get “everyone home safely” is part of a round of financial contributions from the Social Justice Commission for the Vikings of Minnesota and the Welf family. Thanks to the contributions, 2,000 free subscriptions were distributed to community partners.

Writer Laura Beer spoke with the founders of TurnSignl early last year. Learn more about the startup by reading her article.

“We are honored to announce that we’ve partnered with Minnesota Vikings to help provide a massive number of free TurnSignl subscriptions to members of our community,” TurnSignl wrote on LinkedIn. “Thanks to their Social Justice Committee, and cheers to see and lead the Jazz Hampton, Esq. Michal Frelix, MBA and Andre Creighton, MBA made it happen. Scholl Vix!”

TurnSignl provides users with real-time access to legal representation during a traffic stop. The company says lawyers have been “vetted and trained to minimize interactions between police, drivers and passengers”. The idea for the app arose in part due to recent social unrest in Minnesota and the continued mistreatment of people of color by police, sometimes fatal.

TurnSignl co-founder and CEO Jazz Hampton recently appeared on The tech.mn Podcast. Hear that insightful episode below, and read more about the contributions of the Minnesota Vikings in the release below.

Eagan, Minnesota – After a series of meetings throughout the 2021 season to determine continued active participation and commitment to various social justice issues, the Minnesota Social Justice Committee Vikings and the Welves family Thursday announced nearly $1 million in contributions to expansion and/or launching multiple initiatives.

The latest commitments bring the total donations made by the Welves and the Vikings to $6.5 million since 2018.

Provisions are made in the following focus areas: 1) Reducing social and economic disparities. 2) expanding the adoption of educational curricula on racial equality and black history; 3) Advocating for law enforcement and criminal justice reform.

The following organizations have been selected for the year 2021:

The lights are on!

The LightsOn program, which replaces traffic ticket cards with repair vouchers, aims to help low-income individuals break the cycle of poverty while improving police-community relations and public safety. The organization was founded in Minneapolis after the death of Philando Castile to help put safer cars on the road and improve interactions with police and community members, while introducing a new approach to community problems, and has since expanded to markets across the country. In March 2021, RB Alexander Mattison and representatives from the program met roughly to discuss plans to expand its scope. By mid-2021, LightsOn! It has more than 100 law enforcement partners, over 160 auto service center partners, and has provided over 4,000 coupons. Since 2020, Vikings donations have helped fund nearly 200 vouchers.


TurnSignl is an on-demand, real-time Minneapolis-based service that provides 24/7 legal guidance to drivers from an attorney while a camera records the interaction. When drivers are stopped by law enforcement officers or involved in a car accident, they can access a live video chat with an attorney with the push of a button or voice command. TurnSignl attorneys are vetted and trained to minimize interactions between police, drivers and passengers. The Vikings donation resulted in 2,000 free subscriptions for community partners.

Be the grant of change

After the murder of George Floyd, the Vikings established the Be the Change Scholarship with a $125,000 grant that will generate approximately $5,000 annually to benefit graduating African Americans in Minneapolis-St. Paul who are pursuing their education after high school. The Vikings Commission for Social Justice recently allocated another $100,000 to the endowment, which means that academic scholarships will not only continue, but will increase in the coming years. The winner of the 2021 award, Peace Day, was selected after submitting the essay, and was congratulated by the Vikings players, Eric Kendricks and Anthony Parr at the Minnesota Vikings Museum.

Chapter Heroes

Classroom Champions connect Olympic and Paralympic volunteers, student athletes, and professional athletes to classrooms from kindergarten to eighth grade through a social and emotional curriculum and mentoring experience. Mentors share life lessons, discuss goal setting, perseverance, and demonstrate leadership to encourage positive growth in the classroom. With the help of Classroom Champions, the Vikings created a community program, Be the Change, to share players’ stories so students can listen and learn from each other’s journeys to combat racism and social justice. Past and present Vikings players have loaned their personal stories and time to participate in animated videos that tackle challenging topics. One hundred percent of teachers reported that classroom champions improved students’ resilience to obstacles, and 94 percent reported that classroom champions improved students’ grades.

Little Earth Community

In partnership with SHIELD 1, Vikings and the Little Earth Community in Minneapolis are working together to rebuild community through farming and urban farming. After the murder of George Floyd and the burning of local grocery stores, Little Earth has become a vital community resource, providing daily emergency aid to more than 1,000 people, as well as more than 1,200 of its residents. Little Earth is the world’s only Native American preferred HUD housing community that represents over 35 tribes. SHIELD 1, founded by Demario Davis, Josh Norman, and Drew Brees, and supported by Eric Kendricks, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, seeks to accelerate economic mobility in resource-strapped communities by increasing capacity and creating opportunities for self-sufficiency.

every square

The Vikings will expand the team’s commitment to All Square, a local nonprofit social enterprise that invests in the minds and lives of formerly incarcerated individuals. Centered around an artisanal grilled cheese restaurant, a professional development institute, and an upcoming civil rights law firm, All Square’s mission is to ensure that those impacted by the criminal justice system receive the support and opportunities they deserve to become our nation’s future leaders, business owners, legal practitioners and entrepreneurs . Vikings’ participation will focus on the Alum Fellowship and Fellowship Fund at All Square, as well as the Randall Smith Memorial Fund. Randall Smith, who was tragically killed in November, was a core member of All Square. Smith played a role in developing the organization’s programming in the Twin Cities community and formed a strong relationship with the Vikings as part of his work to create a better world for all. The money from the memorial fund will be directed toward the future of his two children.

Additional Organizations Supported in 2021:

  • jewish community relations council
  • Link – Juvenile Justice Program
  • Northern Achievement District
  • Our children Minnesota
  • Educational Page Foundation
  • People in the service of people
  • project success


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