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Two Intel seniors receive competitive scholarship – The Merciad

Two from Mercyhurst University seniors, Laren Reesman and NichOlas Brodfuehrer are beneficiaries of National Military Intelligence Merit Schol Foundation (NMIF)Archip. Riesmann and Brodführer They are only two of the eight Who received the grant?

Raisman is a double major in Intelligence Studies and French. Brodfuehrer is a double major in intelligence and political studies Science.

In order to apply to this schoolarship, there are four criteria It must be fulfilled. first about What is the grade level of the students. Students who can apply in At least a college freshman with more of 48 semester credit hours.

Seniors and graduate students Can also apply, but the elderly Must have more than 72 credits Hours. Describe this scholarship graduate the students as “the students Those who have obtained a Bachelor’s degree degree or equivalent of acFavor post secondary educationFoundation tional and active Pursuing a master’s degree, doctorate or Professional grade.

The second criterion is that The student is considered a full-time Undergraduate or graduate stuMinor injury. This is amazing Means The student Must have taken at least 12 semestersto have credit Hours or 15th a fourth Credit hours.

The third criterion is that The scholarship must be used in eiThere in the fall of 2021 or Spring 2022. This It means that the grant must used during this school year.

The fourth and final criterion is That the applicant fills in enapplication package period. Strict application process And it has a lot of parts.

Applicants must complete Application form, CV, single or More letters of recommendation, Academic transcripts and transcripts Of the other relative prizes that The applicant received. fondation also looks at Academic ExSilence and rigor as well as how relevant The pioneer And the palace that students.

In addition, to the applicant To answer four essay questions and Combined responses must Not to exceed 2500 words.

“I In fact he heard About The Scholarship from a Merseyhurst Alum, Natalie Anderson. Natalie The main company was Intel and NMIF winner as well. She is now presiding Scholarship Council And Selection Brodführer said.

proceeded to fill the fatherFolding when college ridge sent for all students. Many students realize that It is important that students take it What opportunities are given to them? And Brodfuehrer is no exception.

“First, students must announcePreference for any scholarships Come on their way. when this came Even I saw previous contacts to me mershurst, I thought who – which I have to try this, ‘BrodFuhrer said. “I took the time for that I write articles and do my best effort in the application. ”

Brodfuehrer had a nice surprise Regarding the award.

“Once I send it, I do itAlly forgot it. then through Moving and new student helloCome on, I got a call from DC Phone number and called Natalie To tell me I won – I was I was shocked. She was so beautifulBrodführer said.

If you are a student pursue a career in the field of intelligence, National or military security intelligence, make sure you keep Look forward to this scholarship for next school year.


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