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Two principals in new roles in Houghton | News, Sports, Jobs

HOUGHTON – As former Elementary School Principal Anders Hill takes over as Superintendent, there are new principals for my Houghton-Portage Township schools.

In December, high school principal Cole Klein was selected to take over Hill’s position at the elementary school. Klein was replaced by Houghton Middle School Tiffany Scullion.

For Klein, it’s an opportunity to use his background in elementary education. He majored in elementary education at Northern Michigan University, where he also earned a K-12 master’s degree in management. He also spent most of his teaching life at the elementary level. After two years teaching middle school in Big Bay de Noc, he spent eight years teaching at Barkell Elementary School in Hancock. He has been a principal at Houghton for four and a half years.

“It’s an area I have a passion for,” He said. “I really enjoy working together with the younger students and all the positive energy that comes with the elementary world.”

He said his first week on the job was a positive experience, with students and staff welcoming him. He was getting acquainted with the school, meeting students in the halls and cafeteria, appearing in classes.


Hill’s presence nearby was also a help to Klein.

“He was a mentor to me with Julie Philbus and Doreen Kramer when I first came to Houghton,” He said. “He has been very helpful all the way. I will have more questions, and will ask for his guidance when things happen.”

The previous few supervisors were all principals of an elementary school. It wasn’t something he considered, Klein said.

“This is where I want to be, and I see myself here for the distant future,” He said. “I really enjoy being at this master level. I am honored to be at ground level here and to work with students and staff directly.”

Sculion has been at Houghton Middle School for the past eight years, mostly teaching eighth grade math. Prior to that, she studied at Good Will Farm and BRIDGE Alternative High School.

“I was mostly interested in the idea that I would be working with students I had worked with in the past and increase the scope and number of students I could work with, influence them, and continue to watch as they grow,” She said.

During the winter holidays, Skolion was able to work with Klein before transferring to elementary school. She also learned from Filpus, who, as a middle school principal, gave her general advice on management.

Currently, Sculion is focused on building relationships with students and staff and learning about how the school operates.

“It allows me to come into the building in the middle of the process…sort of taking it all in and seeing how it goes and knowing where I can help and serve the staff and students, what are the ways I can support them, what are the ways I can make improvements for the next year , “ She said.

Sculion graduated from Michigan Technological University with a BA in Mathematics – Secondary Education. She is also working on a master’s degree in management from NMU.

Her interest in teaching began when she attended Dollar Bay High School, where she taught mathematics.

We always talk about those great moments and ‘they really got it’ She said. “You help someone build their confidence and you see that they can figure things out… It was very rewarding at the time, and it really influenced me to pursue education as a field.”

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