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UGFTV Peer Mentors Give Advice for First-Year Students

The UGFTV President’s Office invited peer mentors this year to share tips for first-year students.

What is one college resource you wish you were aware of in your first semester?

“Study places! There are a lot of good nooks and crannies to hide in and do some work for a while.” – Schuyler Barefoot

“Printers at Bobst!” – Zoe Medranda

“I wish I knew more about the production center!” – Maggie Suic

“Study progress report and outline. They can be found in our Albert Account under Academics, which I never used until freshman year, and wish I had remembered checking them out more as a freshman!” – Yolanda Chang

“The NYU Creator Network Slack channel just created by the School Production Lab that connects you with people with different careers in the film industry.” – Chris Zilong Wang

What tips do you have on how to get to know other students?

“Be wonderfully open! Don’t be afraid to ask to hang out. Introduce yourself when you can. Offer to write something together or go take pictures if you need an icebreaker. Everyone is waiting for someone to make the first move, so don’t be afraid to make new friends.” whenever you can.” – Schuyler Barefoot

“The main tip I have about getting to know other students is to always say yes! Meeting new students can be nerve-wracking and confusing, but you will never know the bond/connection you can form with someone unless you put yourself in the position to say yes to your first hangout. I got it!” – Zoe Medranda

“Ask what roles in production they want to be in the future; ask Instagram or phone # ASAP just in case you forget their names or can’t reach them when you need help.” – Ray Qian

“Join group chats! Connect with others in your dorm / dorm. Talk to others in the dining room.” – Maggie Suic

“You can talk to anyone anywhere like the elevator in Tisch or on Instagram.” – Chris Zilong Wang

What places to visit around campus do you recommend?

“Lots. Dig, Lazy Sundaes, and Playa Bowls are my favourites right now.” – Schuyler Barefoot

“My favorite places around campus are Cozy Soup ‘n’ burger, Outro NYC, and a place in Chinatown called ‘Wah Fung Fast Food.'” – Zoe Medranda

“Sunday lazy for bubble tea; fresh & co or fast food; donut snack bar; white food truck in front of stern for legitimate chinese food!” – Ray Qian

“Two Boots has the best garlic knot I’ve ever had.” – Maggie Suic

“Even if I’m not a McDonald’s person, but you’ll always go there when you’re away from the group, and only ten minutes before your next class.” – Chris Zilong Wang

Other tips for new UGFTV students?

“Don’t follow the crowd. Find your voice and make films that match your identity.” – Zoe Medranda

“Be very nice to absolutely everyone.” – Schuyler Barefoot

“Don’t be avoidant – apparently, when you’re under a lot of stress, you can be very tempted to avoid the source of your stress. Keep in mind that it’s better to do a bad job at something than to give up trying altogether.” – Yolanda Chang

“Take risks, this is the time to make mistakes and learn. Failure can be your greatest strength.” – Zoe Medranda

“Get out of your comfort zone.” – Maggie Suic

“Be proactive in and out of school. Your classmates are the best resource the school has to offer. Enjoy New York City!” – Chris Zilong Wang

“Don’t rush — many people want to move on, but when they try to do so, they can overestimate their availability and underestimate the amount of work in the classroom, which can lead to burnout and lead to worse grades than they normally get.” – Yolanda Chang

“Make friends with the post-production center team.” – Schuyler Barefoot

Join clubs and do projects outside of school! – Maggie Suic

“Be there for your classmates. Always treat people with kindness, you never know what someone is going through, so it’s good to have a shoulder to lean on especially during these tough times.” – Zoe Medranda

“Join Clubs – We all know it’s important to stay connected socially, and clubs are an excellent way to do that! You can find many options on NYU Engage and apply for membership there.” – Yolanda Chang

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