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UM Today | Students | Update on the remainder of Winter Term 2022

Fort Garry campus in winter, showing Tier Building. // Photo from Chris Reid

February 4, 2022 –

As you know, Dr. Benarroch and Hiebert-Murphy made an announcement on February 2second abbreviation The University of Manitoba will be conducting a partial return to priority in-person tutoring starting February 28y. We’ve heard from many of you already and know you have questions. The primary purpose of this post today is to provide you with the answers I have now, with more updates to let you know as they become available.

The University of Manitoba is a research-intensive university made up of diverse disciplines, some of which must provide ample opportunities for hands-on learning in order to achieve core learning outcomes. Certain courses and laboratories in the Price College of Engineering, Rady College of Health Sciences, Desautels College of Music, and College of Science, for example, must be offered in person to support students in developing the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to advance in their programs and, ultimately, to graduate. As always, University decisions are guided by public health advice that prioritizes the health and safety of faculty, students, and staff while also considering academic requirements.

Deans work with their teams to determine which courses are essential for personal delivery. Winter courses currently offered remotely will remain remote. Some of the courses that were originally scheduled to be offered in person Might switch to distance learning (RL).

How do I know if my course will be offered remotely or in person after the winter break?

By February 11yWe will announce which courses will be offered in person and which will now be offered remotely. This information will also be available in Aurora for viewing.
As a reminder, when registering for the winter training courses at Aurora, the method of delivery was indicated:

  • RL marked courses are delivered courses completely remote
  • Courses marked with DE are distance learning courses offered Entirely online
  • TBA marked courses are courses that will be offered Personally With the actual location to be announced before February 28y

Extension of drop-off date and deadline for payment of winter tuition fees

In light of this announcement, the university has Drop date extension For the winter semester and extended winter/summer sessions without penalty Monday 28 Februaryy2022. the Fee payment deadline It has also been extended to Tuesday March 8y. Visit the registrar’s website for more information about important dates and winter deadlines. There has been no change to the “added” date..

Voluntary Withdrawal Date (VW)

As a reminder, it was announced several weeks ago that Volkswagen’s date had been changed to the last day of winter – Monday 25th Aprily2022.

UM takes every precaution to keep you safe.
Health and safety protocols are continuously reviewed. Please check the COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols website for updated information.

As of this week, more than 90% of registered students have uploaded the vaccination guide. Those who did not do so were disenrolled from the personal training sessions. A second wave of cancellations will occur after the last day of adding winter courses and after the registration review period ends.

As a reminder, everyone who comes to campus must be fully vaccinated, masks must be worn at all times, and UM has enhanced ventilation and cleaning operations in line with COVID-19 public health requirements and recommendations.

Do your part as a member of the UM community to keep others safe

I encourage all students to get a booster shot if you haven’t already. If you are positive test for COVID-19please Follow all Manitoba public health guidelines and do not travel to university. Those who test positive are asked to fill out a COVID-19 reporting form. There is no obligation for you to report your test result. However, anyone who shows symptoms and does not report their test results should at least stay off campus ten days.

If you will be absent from class, contact your teacher. More details can be found in the Student Resources section of the COVID-19 Student Website.

What if I need to find housing?

If you are coming to Winnipeg for in-person courses and do not have accommodations, this site can help you find off-campus housing. The International Center website has additional information for international students that is very useful. If you would like to contact a member of the International Center team, send an international email [at] Humanitarian [dot] who – which With your name and student number.

On-campus study space

If your schedule is such that you have a mix of in-person and remote classes, we work hard to ensure that there are spaces you can move to between classes and that there’s long hours availability. Libraries will have open study space locations with extended hours beginning February 28. I will provide you with more details about study spaces and the schedule for reopening library locations as soon as this information becomes available.

Technology Fund

In recognition of the fact that some students will be switching between in-person and distance learning courses after the winter break, the university has reopened the Student Technology Fund. To be eligible for this program, Students must be enrolled full-time and take at least one in-person training course for the Winter 2022 And you lack consistent access to a laptop that meets the requirements for distance studies at UM. In addition, students must declare a lack of financial resources to purchase a computer that meets the specified requirements, be in good academic standing (undergraduate students with a minimum 2.0 GPA, and for graduate students a 3.0 GPA), and have good financial skills to stand with the university (There are no financial restrictions for late fees or fines).

over there limited number of the available subsidies. Students in need of support must apply by email student [dot] Technique [dot] money [at] Humanitarian [dot] who – which Indicate your intent to apply. An online application form will be sent automatically and you will be notified of the results via email if you are successful.

These have been difficult times for all of us, but together we have weathered many ups and downs since the pandemic began. I continue to be impressed by your resilience, patience, and ability to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances we face. As always, your academic and personal success is extremely important to all of us. If you ever need to access support, I encourage you to do so.

Until February 28yPlease keep checking your UM email account for messages from me, and your @umstudent Instagram account for updates, resources, and support.

Take care and I will call you back soon.

my best,


Laurie M. Schnarr, MA (she/she)



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