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UM Today | Supports and programming in place for UM students to help with transition back to class

December 8, 2021 –

my dear students,

And like you, I am very happy to resume my intermittent courses. I realize this has been a difficult time and some of you have questions regarding the fall academic schedule and its implications for you. The university has created programming and support to help make this transition as smooth as possible and successfully complete the fall semester classes.

Post-strike support webpage

Please visit New support page after the hit To find resources to help you navigate back to the classroom. You’ll find events and resources to help you finish the term strong. Visit this webpage often for up-to-date information about the programs and resources available to you throughout the semester.

Virtual Information Session “Back to Class” – Wednesday December 8 3:30 – 4:30 pm

Join fellow students for a session with academic advisors from the First Year Center, College of Arts, and College of Science as well as a Student Transition Coordinator. Learn about important dates, exam schedules, how to resolve course conflicts, opt-out options, impacts on the winter semester, and more.

Academic Learning Center teachers and workshops

If pausing your courses is making you feel rusty, see our Academic Learning CenterTeaching program or workshops. Looking to study with others? Need help staying focused? Participation in the next virtual classroom.

Virtual Guided Help Center

Do you have questions but aren’t sure where to turn? The Virtual Guided Help Center The team is available on weekdays, evenings, and weekends to answer your questions about the new academic schedule, general questions about UM, or questions about your specific academic path.

Supports other UM

UM has a range of academic and personal support, including financial support, available free of charge to UM students. Check your options on the student-supported web page.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Student Strike . webpage It is where you can find frequently asked questions and information regarding recent work disruption and the various policies or suggestions that have been created due to the strike. While we’re busy updating it with the latest information, here are some frequently asked questions that are especially important right now:

What happens if I have an exam and a class that just resumed at the same time?

The aim of the university is not to deprive students of any missed classes, subjects or assignments/exams when there is a scheduling conflict between class and examination. In the event of such a conflict, please bring it to the attention of your teacher and academic advisor as soon as possible.

What is the time frame between when classes resume and assignments are due or exams/exams are taken?

There will be a temporary stockpile of 72 hours after the first session of each class individually before any assignments, exams or exams are due. So, if your class’s first session is Thursday morning, you have 72 hours from then, before it’s time for anything or an exam in that class.

What are my options for withdrawing from courses?

The deadline for voluntary withdrawal of unaffected or continuing courses is December 10. The deadline for courses affected by the strike is December 21.

If documented medical or compassionate circumstances impacted your ability to successfully complete your academic responsibilities either for the affected strike or an ongoing course, please contact Academic advisor at your home college to explore other withdrawal options.

Do autumn parking permits apply in January or do I need to purchase a new one?Students who purchase a full-term waiting pass can use it until the last day of exams for the fall semester. Parking services will communicate information about winter passes soon.

I hope this information will be useful to you as you transition back into your fall semester studies. I will continue to share updates with you as they become available.

good care.

the best I could,


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