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University of New Haven and Gateway Community College Announce Innovative Affiliation

The enhanced expression reinforces a long-standing agreement between the university and Connecticut’s largest community college to provide support to students of both institutions and facilitate a smooth path for Gateway students to join the Charger Nation.

September 15, 2021

By Rene Shmeel, Office of Marketing and Communications

The University of New Haven has announced its new comprehensive affiliation with Gateway Community College.

The University of New Haven and Gateway Community College (GCC) have announced a new comprehensive affiliation that, among other benefits, will provide a smooth transition for Gateway alumni to join the University of New Haven community. This unique agreement also features a “comfort program,” a semester-long option for UN students to enroll in the GCC in order to refocus themselves academically or lower tuition costs for a period.

Leaders of both institutions will meet to formally sign this innovative agreement during a ceremony on Thursday, September 16, at Gateway’s Downtown New Haven campus.

“We are thrilled to conclude this detailing agreement and further formalize our longstanding association with Gateway Community College,” said Stephen H. Kaplan, University of New Haven President, Ph.D. “As the largest public community college in Connecticut, Gateway plays an important role in educating the workforce of the future. We are pleased to welcome their brilliant, motivated and motivated alumni to our university community.”

“We are grateful to the University of New Haven for finding this very important path with Gateway Community College,” said William “Terry” Brown, CEO of Gateway Community College. “With greater options for study and an improved student experience, students will be well-prepared for the next step in their educational journeys.”

For GCC students who have completed an associate degree with a GPA of at least 2.5, the relationship guarantees a smooth transfer of up to 90 credits, provided that certain degree requirements are met.

“I expect this affiliation to have a profound and far-reaching impact in preparing the next generation of leaders, innovators and problem solvers.”University of New Haven President Stephen Kaplan, Ph.D.

The agreement also provides GCC students with opportunities to attend transfer, counseling and partner events at the university. It also ensures that students applying to the university will be assured of an admission decision within two weeks of submitting the transfer application. Students who meet the minimum GPA requirements will be eligible for merit-based transfer grants of up to $24,000 per year.”

The university and the GCC currently offer a program that provides GCC students interested in university with the opportunity to take one course per year at the university for free, up to three terms per student. GCC students can also obtain a student ID that allows them to be accepted into University of New Haven programs, including sporting events, and the Marvin K. Library. Peterson.

The affiliation also establishes a “comfort program agreement” designed to allow University of New Haven students to take a “temporary semester” in the GCC, and then return to the university. This provides students with an opportunity to refocus on academics or lower tuition costs. Students may maintain their housing at the University of New Haven while taking classes in the GCC, provided they maintain full-time and room and board coverage.

“As a university community, we are steadfastly committed to increasing access to education,” said Gregory Eichhorn, MBA, University of New Haven Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success. “This expression agreement creates a streamlined admission process for Gateway alumni and provides significant merit-based financial support to students who have excelled in the semester. I believe both institutions are particularly proud of the innovative respite program agreement we have developed to enable UN students to study in the GCC. We know that success comes in all its forms, and is rarely a straight line. Above all, we are committed to ensuring that all deserving students have every opportunity to pursue their career aspirations.”

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