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Unlimited work hours not necessarily a good thing

Here’s the latest news for international students in Australia – Eligible student visa holders may be able to work more hours due to a shortage of workers in the country after the Omicron disease outbreak, but critics argue that this may not necessarily be a good thing.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the federal government will remove the 40-hour limit every two weeks on workers holding student visas, meaning international students will have no restrictions on the number of hours they can work.

Morrison has also encouraged international students to return to Australia, and backpackers are allowed to enter the country on work leave visas, provided they are fully vaccinated, ABC News reported.

International students in Australia often work in department stores, supermarkets and the food and beverage sectors. Source: Brenton Edwards / AFP

Latest news for international students in Australia: Unlimited working hours

The latest news for international students in Australia was warmly received by some, but one student leader argued that the safety and well-being of students could be affected.

CISA President Oscar Ze Chau Aung told ABC News that many students would welcome the government’s decision. However, Ong said that international students already spend about 40 hours a week at the university, placing a greater workload on them to fill the labor shortage would Put extra pressure Students who are already trying to meet university deadlines.

“The biggest question is that international students came here to study,” Ong was quoted as saying. “If you’re only asking them to work as a skilled worker, the question is should they get a different visa instead of a student visa?”

Latest news for international students in Australia

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has encouraged international students to return to Australia. Source: William West / AFP

Ong added that some may not be aware of the latest news for international students in Australia, especially new students who have arrived in Australia recently. “I think it’s a very dangerous situation for them because they are not going to get the right advice,” he said.

Allowing students to work longer hours may put them at greater risk of contracting COVID-19. “So who will be responsible for their care, if international students get sick?” He said.

Speaking on the latest news for international students in Australia, a source told the Australian Financial Review there was a high risk of unscrupulous providers becoming ‘visa factories’ in repeating the Howard era when there was an explosion of dodgy colleges offering worthless qualifications so students could from obtaining permanent residence.

He was quoted as saying, “There are two main issues: the first is related to the quality and safety of the education system.” The second is the students. Sometimes they can be complicit in enrolling in courses just so they can work. The challenges of monitoring progress and having adequate governance and monitoring systems in place are enormous.”

Other critics told Al Bawaba that this move is just a file “Disguised low-skill work visa” Which makes a farce of the “true temporary entrant” clause. They say it will keep wages low and facilitate the poaching of students by cheap, low-quality providers.

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