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USC freshman WR expected to enter the NCAA Transfer Portal

USC freshman WR expected to enter the NCAA Transfer Portal

USC wide receiver Joseph Manjak It’s expected to enter the NCAA transfer portal, USCFootball.com flags. The real freshman finished the 2021 season with seven receptions for 67 yards in five games.

Manjack appears to have been a viable option for receiving Trojans during the team’s fall camp, but has seen its playing time decrease as the season progresses. The Shotgun Spratling from USCFootball.com charted the wide receiver’s playing time in 2021. Manjack appeared in 11 games and A combined 46 snaps were played in the first three weeks. However, he has played only 85 shots in the last nine games of the Trojans.

The wide receiver became USC’s first commitment to the early signing period in 2020, which will likely be the first time many Trojan fans have learned about the prospect of a three-star at Tomball (Texas) Memorial High School. Although Manjack was not a household name on the West Coast, he became a noteworthy prospect during his final year campaign in Texas. It has been productive in both the wide and middle receiver in the Wildcats. Manjack recorded 42 receptions for 971 yards and 16 touchdowns in the season as a wide receiver, and also completed 18 of 33 passes for 349 yards and three runs down the middle.

Manjack was recruited by a former USC offensive crew, which consisted primarily of coaches from the Texas area. Although it has not been officially determined by the university, the new coach Lincoln Riley Expected to announce the rental Dennis Simmons, the former wide reception coach for Oklahoma. Simmons was present for the final week of USC training in the fall in 20201 after the announcement of Riley’s hire on Monday.

The NCAA introduced the transfer portal on October 15, 2018, providing athletes with a path to explore their options. Players do not need to ask permission from their coaching staff in order to move. They only need to request compliance by entering their name. Usually, it takes 24 to 48 hours for a player to appear at their request. Schools are free to contact the player without restrictions once their name appears in the portal.

While a player entering his name into the transfer portal means that he intends to explore his options, this does not necessarily mean that he will leave. The player is free to withdraw his name at any time. However, schools are not obligated to keep the player in the scholarship once they enter the portal.

There were 2,646 FBS players entered the transfer portal during the 2020-2021 transfer cycle, per source. This is up from 1,692 in 2019-20 and 1,717 in 2018-19.

This increase can be attributed at least in part to a new NCAA policy that allows student-athletes to transition once in their careers without having to sit for a year in residence. This means that all players who enter the transfer portal for the first time will be immediately eligible at their new school as long as they meet the NCAA deadline for entry.



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