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USF Awards $5,000 Diversity in Brewing Scholarship

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In 2020, to counteract the lack of diversity in the brewing industry, Yuengling entered into a partnership with USF St. Pete to create a $5,000 brewing scholarship. This year marks the second biannual Brewing Arts Scholarship, the “non-academic” degree program.

According to Jennifer Sedillo, director of the Brewing Arts Program at USF St. Pete, a 23-week module, followed by an internship at a selected brewery, costs $5,000 per person

The partnership between Yuengling and USF is not new. Sedillo told The Gabber that Yuengling funds a scholarship for veterans annually. She said Yuengling also offered to add a variety scholarship to the brewing program.

“I think it was just in response to everything that was highlighted in the news about how we really lack diversity in so many industries and so many areas, and there seem to be systemic barriers that kind of make that happen,” she said. “The idea of ​​the scholarship is to reduce any barriers that might exist for someone who wants to be in the brewing industry, but is not in the industry currently.”

The scholarship is open to all racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities, and all skill levels of brewers, who wish to pursue a career in the brewing industry. Sedillo hopes this opportunity can counterbalance the “one-dimensional” aspect of the brewing industry.

Brewery owners in particular are usually Caucasian males. The higher you go, the more one-dimensional you become, said Cedillo.

As the Program Director, Sedillo met with the Yuengling team to prepare and design the application and determine the factors that make an applicant eligible. She is also part of the team that selects the recipient.

“I think Yuengling, and the brewing industry in general, realize we could be a much better industry if we were more diverse. And the craft beer culture is very inclusive, so we try to find reasons why it doesn’t seem inclusive when it comes to brewing companies,” Sedillo said.

Applications are open until January 9. Visit https://www.stpetersburg.usf.edu/academics/degrees-and-programs/brewing-arts/yuengling-diversity-brewing-scholarship.aspx to apply.

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