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USF provides scholarship to bring more diversity to brewing industry

St. PETERSBURG, Florida – Through a partnership between the University of South Florida and Yuengling, students have the opportunity to receive funding for the USF St. Pete’s Brewing Arts Scholarship aims to help promote diversity in the brewing industry.

“The beer industry is booming. The beer industry is not going anywhere. We want to get bigger here, especially in St. Petersburg and beyond in Florida,” said Chris Johnson, president of the brewery and co-owner of Green Bench Brewing Company in St. Pete. as many people as possible.”

But in this growing industry, Johnson has made clear the people who often make up the workforce.

“It’s an industry that’s somewhat male-dominated, from ownership to truck drivers and bartenders,” Johnson said. “The idea is to provide as many opportunities as we can to diversify this area to make it look what the rest of our lives and the rest of our societies look like.”

The grant offered through USF and Yuengling looks to create new opportunities for the next generation of aspiring brewers. The university says a $5,000 scholarship for diversity in brewing will be awarded to someone from the traditionally underrepresented population and will cover the cost of tuition for the St. Petersburg Campus Brewing Arts Certificate Program for the upcoming spring semester.

Johnson is also a founding faculty member of the program.

“Whether you’re a man, a woman. No matter what color you are. No matter your history or background, the more diverse we are, the stronger our industry will be,” Johnson said. “I think anyone will be able to contribute something really special to what we do.”

The program is a 23-week course of online coursework followed by an internship in a brewery. Jennifer Cedillo, program director, says the program began in 2015 and was a collaboration between local breweries and the St Petersburg University campus in St. Pete.

Sedillo explains that the craft brewing industry is very inclusive and collaborative, but the scholarship is one way to reduce any potential barriers and provide opportunities to help make the industry more diverse.

“Artisan brewing is very creative. Very creative and very collaborative,” Sidlow said. “When you have any kind of product being created that is artistic and creative, you want to have different perspectives on your product innovation to make better products.”

Students can apply now until January 9NS. For more information about the scholarship and how to apply, click here.

“Beer doesn’t characterize properly? Beer is beer,” Johnson said. “Everyone loves beer. It’s for everyone, so let’s make sure everyone has a chance to be a part of it.”



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