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Columbus, Ohio – Predicting what a college football team’s roster will look like months into the season isn’t for the faint of heart. The nature of player movement in the sport right now makes things look vastly different for most teams, Ohio State included, by the time the ball kicks off in September.

But that doesn’t stop us from making some best guesses and dropping what the Buckeyes 2022 depth chart could look like.

Below is a crack at version 1.0, considering all the information available while we’re still waiting for a few major NFL decisions. The deadline for lower-tier men to announce the draft is January 17th.

There is no doubt that the Buckeyes family will face some attrition in the coming months. We have anticipated that there are over 90 players on scholarship at the moment, and they will need to be 85 pre-season. It’s not hard to see where this movement might come from. Does Ohio State Need Nearly 40 Linear Workers On Both Sides Of The Ball? Mostly not. Do you need a dozen lockers? Doubtful.

But we’ll let those chips fall while the team goes through winter conditioning and the spring ball.

For now, here’s the first stab at dropping the 2022 depth chart with the total number of scholarship players at each position.

Quarterback (3)

Author: CJ StroudBackup: Kyle McCord et al. Scholarship: Devin Brown

Brown joins early to start his fight with McCord to be the obvious heir to Stroud, but there isn’t much intrigue in the position other than that. Ohio State may have the best quarterback in college football.


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