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Walnut Elementary Students Will Move to Different School after Flooding Incident

rocky springs Flooding at Walnut Elementary School today will cause students and staff to temporarily relocate to Desert View Elementary until water damage repairs are completed.

The school flood was announced this evening by Sweetwater County School District (SCSD) #1 Supervisor Kelly McGovern on the ParentSquare app.

“In the early morning hours of the day, Walnut Elementary’s 2-inch line of fire sprinklers was disrupted by cold weather that flooded the gym, classrooms and office areas including walls, ceilings and floors,” McGovern said. message. “Other damage to the school occurred in the floors and waterlogged material flowing in the corridors and seeping from under the doors and walls.”

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With the help of the Rock Springs Fire Department, school maintenance personnel were quickly able to stop the flow of water and minimize the damage.

The letter states, “Due to the influx of water, SCSD #1 is unable to maintain a personal school in Walnut until repairs are completed and the damage is repaired and secured to staff and students.” “The region is working to complete repairs and corrective actions as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Beginning Tuesday, January 4, Walnut Elementary students and staff will be relocated to Desert View Elementary School at 1900 Desert Blvd. Beginning Tuesday, all Walnut staff and students will attend school in person with Desert View staff and students. School start and end times will not change in either school. Transportation, feeding services, and in-person tutoring will continue for all Desert View and Walnut students with their regular classes and teachers. Transportation services remain at the current bus stop times.

More information for students who normally walk into Walnut School will be provided shortly. The district places high priority on providing uninterrupted personal education to students.

While repairs are being made at Walnut School, work also continues on Overland Elementary School which is currently undergoing renovation to serve as the new home for the Head Start program beginning in the 2022-2023 school year. Westridge School currently has the Head Start Early Childhood Program.

“The District chose Desert View as a temporary home for Walnut students and staff so that they would be at the facility aware of daily K-3 operations that best meet the needs of students during this time,” McGovern said.

Management from Desert View Elementary and Walnut Elementary will send additional information to their designated school communities before school starts Tuesday.


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