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The photograph was submitted to Warren High School teacher Blake Campbell, downtown Vincent, who has been honored by the NAAE for his exemplary performance and dedication to agricultural education.

NEW ORLEANS – The agricultural teacher, Blake Campbell, at Warren High School in Vincent, Ohio, is one of 37 agricultural educators nationwide who will receive the 2021 National Association of Agricultural Educators Scholarship Award, presented during the 2021 NAAE Agreement, November 30 through December 4, in New Orleans.

The Turn The Key Teacher Scholarship Award is given to young teachers as a means of encouraging them to remain in the profession, as well as recognizing their involvement in professional activities. Recipients are selected from a pool of nationwide candidates, based on their participation and dedication to the agricultural education profession.

Blake Campbell just finished his third year in the semester at Warren High School, where the agricultural science program consists of about 80 students in grades nine through twelve. Campbell believes that every student has a story and access to their own personal definition of success. His main focus, regardless of the content area he studies, is helping students invest in their future. Warren High School is located in a rural community, where students often fall below the poverty line and have limited resources to work towards bettering themselves academically, socially and professionally. Despite their financial hurdles, Warren High School Agriscience is equipped with many advanced technologies to enhance student learning, such as a 3D printer, laser engraving, and plasma cutter.

Upon completion of the first year of teaching, Campbell was asked to design an agricultural education space for a new local high school.

Campbell currently teaches five different agricultural sciences classes at Warren High School. Each course is based on state standards, as well as the needs of industry and society. Campbell focuses on inquiry-based instruction and hands-on labs with his students. Some of the highlights of his teaching and methodology are: he supervises his students the raising and butchering of broiler chickens, manages a land laboratory with 15 different species of trees, conducts food science laboratories based on real-life nutritional needs, and conducts agricultural advocacy activities for primary school students.

In addition to formal classroom and lab instruction, Campbell works with students to develop their Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE’s) that help them develop applicable career and life skills. One hundred percent of his students have their supervised agricultural experience and together they logged over 8000 hours on the Agricultural Experience Tracker website. In 2020, his students invested more than $221,000 in their community, according to their economic impact records.

During Campbell’s three years teaching agricultural education, he helped students succeed in many award areas including; 20 Ohio FFAs, four U.S. FFAs, eight Proficiency Awards Applications, one state-winning Mastery Award, and one star in agribusiness application.

Through strong partnerships with industry professionals, community stakeholders, alumni branch members, advisory committee members, and community professionals, students are exposed to many different career paths. Campbell makes it a priority for his students to learn from these people and invites them for their input into the classroom curriculum. Guests led students through hands-on educational experiences such as the process of butchering squirrels, cooking gluten-free meals, and learning advanced operations on a plasma cutter. Partnerships like this help advance the future of the agricultural industry, cementing Campbell as a distinguished recipient of the NAAE Teachers Turn the Key Scholarship Award.

The Turn the Key Teacher Scholarship brings together agricultural teachers with two to four years of classroom experience and immerses them in three days of professional development, with a specific focus on early career goals and needs. Participants also have the opportunity to engage in NAAE leadership and network with other NAAE conference attendees. TTTK Award winners come away with long-standing peer group experience and tools that will help them land successful careers as agricultural educators. RAM Trucks sponsors the TTTK program as a special project of the national FFA.

NAAE is the professional organization of agricultural educators with more than 8,000 members nationwide. It provides members with opportunities for networking and professional development, professional responsibility coverage, and comprehensive awards and recognition programs. NAAE’s mission is to “Professionals who provide agricultural education to the global community through wise leadership, advocacy, and service.” The NAAE office is located in Lexington, Kentucky.

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