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WBA seniors earn scholarships | Times Leader

Two Wilkes-Barre-area seniors recently received full undergraduate scholarships through QuestBridge, a national program that connects high school seniors from low-income backgrounds with full four-year scholarships to top colleges.

Wolfpack seniors Gary Kujoi and Angel Estrella were among the 1,674 undergraduate students applying to the college to be matched with a university through QuestBridge.

Cogwe got his scholarship by matching with Colby University, and Estrella matching with Boston College.

Scholarship recipients are accepted early into QuestBridge College partners such as Colby and Boston College with full four-year scholarships offered by colleges and universities, ensuring these students and their families that an education at a top college can be affordable.

Kogoy and Estrella are among a group of seniors who qualified for QuestBridge by holding an unweighted average score of 3.93, with 92% of the group receiving the top 10% of their graduating class.

A statement from QuestBridge indicated that 81% of this year’s QuestBridge class students are among the first generation in their families to attend a four-year college in the United States.

“The achievements of Match Scholarship recipients are the culmination of their hard work and perseverance,” said Anna McCullough, Co-Founder and CEO of QuestBridge. “Thanks to the commitment of our college partners, these deserving students can reach their full potential without worrying about the cost of a great education.”

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