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“We will teach students ‘Real History with Facts’ through revised textbooks”: BC Nagesh

Karnataka education minister BC Nagesh said that it is only said “we are defeated, we are defeated” in history books. He said that our children studying the textbook also think that we had the best ruling system. The minister further said, “Many of our rulers defeated invaders and did not let them enter Assam and other states. We have separated some objectionable parts, it is not a big thing” Further talking about Mysore Maharaja, he said that he was one of the best rulers. We removed the part of Tipu Sultan where we did not have any proof.

Karnataka Education Minister BC Nagesh’s statement on congress

Karnataka minister for primary and secondary education, BC Nagesh slammed Congress over claims of excluding eminent historical personalities, freedom fighters and reformers from textbooks. Karnataka education minister BC Nagesh said that congress is always afraid of hindutva. He said, “They want to see hindu society divided. They want to look after only one samaj so that they can get votes”

“Not one line in Kuvempu’s prose has been removed. It was the Congress who removed it. In the 10th-grade chapter on British rule, they (Congress and previous revision committee) had not mentioned the tales of Sangolli Rayanna, Kittur Rani Channamma, Madakari Nayaka, Abakka. Were their names removed because they are Hindus and only mentioned Tipu Sultan,” BC Nagesh said.

Hedgewar’s speech isn’t about RSS or his own life, it will remain in textbooks

The minister raised question on not including Hedgewar’s speech he said, “When you can introduce Nehru’s “letters to daughter” removing an important chapter. Hedgewar dedicated himself to the country and sacrificed everything. He lived the simplest possible life and life of brahmacharya.”

Karnataka Education Minister on the Hedgewar speech matter has issued a statement. The state education minister said, β€œHedgewar’s speech is about who to idealise. It doesn’t say anything about RSS or his own life. No one read the speech. People are protesting to protest. Only opposing because Hedgewar said this.”

The matter came into the limelight as Hedgewar’s speech has been added in the academic book by the Textbook Revision Committee. On May 16, the Primary and Secondary Education Minister BC Nagesh defended the inclusion of a speech by RSS founder Keshav Baliram Hedgewar in the Kannada language textbook for class 10th. Click on this link to know more about the matter.


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