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Wegmans increases investment in employee scholarship program

Monday December 13, 2021 12:05 PM

Wegmans Food Markets has announced an increase in the annual award for Wegmans Employee Scholarship recipients. Applications for the 2022 scholarship award open in January for current part- and full-time Wegmans employees working in Wegmans stores, distribution centers and corporate offices.

Starting in January 2022, scholarship recipients for part-time employees will receive up to $8,000 over four years (increased from $6,000 previously), and full-time employees will receive up to $16,000 over four years (increased from 8,800). dollars previously). There is no limit to the number of scholarships awarded each year and, unlike other retail scholarship programs, there are no restrictions on a student’s course of study, school, college or university of choice. Recipients may enter any field they desire upon graduation; However, many of the scholarship winners decided to stay with Wegmans after college, and to continue their career growth within the company.

Since the program began in 1984, more than 42,500 Wegmans employees have received scholarships totaling more than $130 million. In 2021, a record number of new recipients received 2,502 employee grants, totaling approximately $5.6 million in tuition assistance for the 2021-22 school year. As the award amount increases, Wegmans will now invest more than $6.5 million in the employee grant program each year.

“Our people are at the heart of our success, and we have always believed that we can only achieve our goals by first helping them succeed,” said Colin Wegman, President and CEO of Wegmans Food Markets. “By increasing the annual award for our scholarship recipients, more employees can pursue their higher education and achieve their goals. Whether they choose to continue their career with Wegmans or go on to make a difference elsewhere after graduation, we are very grateful to our employees.”

A press release read, “From first-generation college students to working parents, employees throughout life benefit from the Wegmans Scholarship Program every year. Briana Gonzalez struggled with choosing her field of study during her first few years at college. To help offset the costs of extra classes. While completing her degree, Gonzalez decided to apply for the scholarship while working part-time at Wegmans’ Mt. Laurel, New Jersey.”

She said, “Finding the right career path and major has been difficult for me. I have changed my major a few times now. This scholarship will remove some financial pressure and allow me to take additional courses from my interests that I could not take before. I am really grateful to receive the Wegmans Scholarship “.

Robert Campbell, a perishable manager at the Wegmans store in Wake Forest, North Carolina, benefited from the Wegmans Employee Scholarship while participating in the Wegmans Management Training Program. The skills he learned during the program helped him build a successful career that he can be proud of.

“Who knows what would have happened without these experiences,” said Campbell, who not only began a new career when he moved to Pennsylvania for a position at the Wegmans, but also met his future wife. “I now have a wife and three children, all because I took the opportunity to get this training and work.”

To receive a scholarship, Wegmans employees must meet work performance standards. Eligibility is also based on the minimum number of hours worked during a specified period of time.

Wegmans is currently recruiting for part- and full-time positions ranging from customer service to management positions. Spots are available throughout the company, from Rochester to Raleigh. For more information, or to apply for a job, interested applicants are advised to visit jobs.wegmans.com.


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