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What I gained from getting involved with leadership opportunities at university

Most universities will spoil you with choice when it comes to leadership opportunities. Whether you join an academic community, get involved in student politics or lead a sports team, there is plenty of invaluable experience to gain outside of the classroom.

Learning to work in a team, achieve a common goal, and explore and discover new interests will not only help your personal growth and confidence at university, but will also help you stand out in front of employers when you graduate.

Below, three students from the University of Manitoba reflect on how they can take advantage of three different leadership opportunities in their organization, and the valuable skills they learned from them.

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Habiba Mohamed, student of International Business and Supply Chain Management

I first began participating in leadership opportunities in high school, by applying for executive positions at clubs that intrigued me, joining sports teams and participating in community service.

In my senior year, I organized a fundraising event that started as a project for my Social Justice class but ended up becoming so much more than that. I created a GoFundMe page and raised enough money to feed about 150 families in Egypt.

Throughout my time at the university thus far, I have continued to take on leadership roles related to social justice.


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