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Where do the scholarship numbers stand right now? (UPDATED: 12/16)

With the 2021 season now over, the Washington 2022 recruitment category is beginning to take shape. But that’s only part of the story, mainly because a whole new crew is running the ship.

Under the leadership of Jimmy Lake, following the scheme originally specified by Chris PetersenThe strategy the Huskys used meant that they would try to close all the possibilities leading up to day one, have them all sign on day one, and then move on to building the squad for the next year.

It was fair to expect Lake to use a similar strategy for his first full signing chapter, but with some odds, they either take their allotted time or just enjoy the process to the point where they don’t sign until their normal signing period, which was in February.

Well, you can kind of throw a lot of that out the window, but not because Lake changed his plans. Lake is no longer Washington’s coach, so he is now Calin Deborah He tries his best to salvage the 2021 recruiting class with some belated visits for those hoping to sign in the middle of the year, then a crazy rush to fill in the rest of the class during the normal signing period after full court pressure on those who didn’t sign with the school in December.

Here’s the prospect that signed with Washington on Wednesday during the first day of the mid-year signing period. This period continues until the end of Friday.

WR Jeremy Bernard

WR Denzel Boston

in a Ryan Otton

OL Parker Brailsford

DE / OLB Lance Holtzkloe

There is also one player in the 2022 recruiting class who has already joined, RB Emeka Migua.

We will also add QB Michael Benicks Jr. and DB Jordan Berryman As transfers it has indicated its intent to sign with Washington, although UW has not officially added it.

There is also an annual limit of 25, but it will be within that number for this particular course. But the overall figure of 85 is always a different story. This is clearly a prime number and takes into account those who have graduated or have exhausted their eligibility, lower-class men who are expected to become professionals, who have submitted or are planning to submit their names to the transfer portal, who have chosen to withdraw due to coronavirus or have had to retire, or those who have not arrived To campus for personal reasons.

There is also another twist in the tail that affects the numbers. Since eligibility has been pending for the 2020 season, this means that all FBS programs can have numbers in excess of 85 students up to the number of scholarship applicants currently on their official list for the 2021 season. If we include the signatories on the site for 2022 to those who are expected to return for the season One more (and we’ve included everyone at this point so news dictates otherwise), here are the raw numbers for each site:

QB – 3
RB – 6
WR – 9
TE – 6
OL – 15
DL – 9
pound – 12
DB – 17
Special Teams – 3

So 39 players in attack, 38 in defense, and 3 specialists. This adds to Total 80 players, including two players who joined UW before fall camp (Giles Jackson And Including banks). As a freshman, Banks joined the rest of the real LEAP freshmen.

All else being equal, the decreasing UW number is currently at 0. This means they don’t need anyone else to leave the program in order to be able to sign players during the normal February signing period. With the total scholarship in 80, This means that Washington can register in 5 more players either in the next 36 hours or so, or when the normal signing period occurs. Vega Ewan He just walked out of the Washington commitment a few days ago, but expect huskies to remain very much in the game for his final LOI signature. Then there is a 5-star OL potential Josh Connerley From Rainier Beach This is the huge prize DeBoer wants to keep in Seattle.

Here’s a reasonable look at the players we expect to move after the 2021 season, or who were on the 2021 roster but have already moved on.

QBPatrick O’Brien*

RBSean McGraw*, Camari Pleasant*

WRSawyer Racanelli

in aKid Oton Mark Redman

OLLuke Wattenberg*, jackson kirklandAnd Henry Benevalo


poundRyan Bowman *And MG TvisiAnd Cooper McDonald

DBTrent McDuffyAnd Keller GordonAnd Brendan Radley Hills

sPorter Racing*

So this “reasonable” appearance made the UW lose 16 players (including six to graduate with an asterisk), but it’s still a good idea to consider the roster as a rough sketch. More players are sure to hit the transfer gate now that the NCAA has allowed one free “pass” to transfer with instant eligibility. And some of the players on the above list may decide to stay, as many did last season. But some players will want to take their NFL shot, look for more playtime, some will want to get closer to home, etc… It will work in Washington’s best interest as well, as other players will want to join the Husky for such a game reasons.

What you’ll see below is the current look at the slate heading into the 2022 season, but it will change quite a bit as we move into spring and also when football ends in spring.

Dylan Morris (Photo: Icon Sportswire, Getty)


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