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Who Among The High-School Students Is The Youngest?

Netflix‘s We are all dead It is constantly taking the world by storm. With all eyes now on the epic K-zombie series, now is the best time to reveal some fun facts about the cast, production set, and more.

We are all dead He easily captured everyone’s attention, thanks to his gorgeous visuals, great story, and excellent cast members. With many now awaiting his second season, here are some fun details fans need to know.

Real high school student in We are all dead

The webtoon series of the same name written by Joo Dong Geun tells the story of a group of high school students stuck in a zombie-infested campus. However, among this group, only one is a real student.

Park Ji Ho, who played Onjo, is the youngest among the cast. according to KDrama stars, is only 18 years old and studying at Hanyang University, where she majored in theater and film.

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In an interview, the new rising star revealed that she was still in middle school when they started producing We are all dead. At the time, she was still in school and would change her school uniform back and forth to attend her class.

Hyosan High School Prefab Building in We are all dead

Many fans may think that the Hyosan High School building, which has become the starting point for the zombie smash, is a real school. However, it is designed specifically for the series and doesn’t really exist.

fainting They released behind-the-scenes footage from the show, in which director Lee Jae Gyu revealed that the production team built the school set from scratch. It was a four-story, 100-meter-tall building that had been turned into a school grounds.

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Lee Jae Gyu revealed during the press conference, “It was like a four-story school building inside the group and we were going to be there the whole time. So it felt like we were really going to school, but we were really gloomy about school.”

He also said that it took two years to complete production We are all dead Due to the ongoing health crisis that led to a significant delay.

zombie dance in We are all dead

Lee Jae Gyu also said that they thought about how to make everything look realistic Rappler. Aside from martial arts training for the cast members, the zombie actors also had choreography lessons.

Keep in mind that the side characters in the series were not only recruited to act like zombies, but were trained to make a special choreography to synchronize their movements and make them uniform. Everything was complicated and they took all measures and preparations to perfect the series.

Lee Jae Gyu added, “We’ll do some shooting auditions, and then we’ll have another rehearsal with the cast.” “I think that was the most important because what I wanted most was the realistic feel of the scenes. I wanted people to really feel included. I wanted people to feel, to be in that scene themselves.”

We are all dead It is currently streaming on Netflix and has become the number one blockbuster series in many countries.

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