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Why so serious? PM Modi asks IIT Kanpur students at convocation, gives them career advice- Edexlive

Prime Minister Narendra Modi He began his speech at the 54th Invitational Ceremony of the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur on December 28 with a funny joke, “Does it have to be that serious at a party?” asked the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister launched blockchain-based digital degrees at the ceremony. Anandibin Patel, Governor of Uttar Pradesh and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, attended the ceremony as guests of honour.

The Prime Minister also urged the students to spontaneously retain human intelligence. He said, “Although we are surrounded by technology today, we must not forget that we are human. We should not turn into robot copies of ourselves. While we must all explore artificial intelligence, we must not neglect human intelligence.”

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He said the students graduating today will make India proud for the next 25 years and when the country celebrates 100 years of independence, the contributions of these students will be the most remarkable. “The students who are being congratulated today are also given the responsibility of guiding India towards success for the next 25 years. This century is entirely driven by technology,” he said. “Students have invested the most important years of their lives in learning about technology. This will make it impossible for any other force to stop you from excelling. When India celebrates 100 years of independence it will include the contribution of all the students who are here today,” Modi added.

The prime minister has been a career educator for some time, and he also said that success never comes from rest. “Once you get out of college, a lot of people will come to you with shortcuts to success. But when you are asked to choose between comfort and challenge, I advise all of you to go for the latter. The one who faces challenges and overcomes them with effective solutions is the one who rises to the highest heights.”

He congratulated IITians for making India the second largest startup hub in the world and said that this feat was accomplished mainly with the help of students from IITs. “IIT Kanpur’s contribution to the development of 5G technology has been globally recognized. We should have accomplished a lot by the time India completed 25 years of independence. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do much. But now, we don’t even have two.” Minutes are wasted. We must strive religiously for a nation that is self-reliant (atmanirbar. If we are not self-reliant, how will India succeed and reach the ultimate heights? And this can only be done by the youth of this country,” said the Prime Minister.

Digital certificates were issued to students through an in-house blockchain-based technology developed at the institute under the National Blockchain Project. These digital scores are globally verifiable and are not tamperable. IIT-K hosts an actual party a year later as it was held roughly last year.

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