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Winter graduates from Vincennes University reflect on going to college during COVID-19

Parker Timberman speaks to fellow alumni on December 4 for a mid-year kick-off, during the school's first in-person party since fall 2019. -- (Jenny Lindsay/IPB News)

Parker Timberman speaks to his fellow alumni on December 4 for a mid-year start, during the school’s first in-person party since fall 2019.

(Jenny Lindsay/IPB News)

Universities across Indiana held ceremonies to celebrate winter alumni this month, and some from Vincennes spoke about their experiences having crossed the stage before the end of the year holidays.

The Vincennes University mid-year start was the school’s first in-person celebration since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Graduates who attended the ceremony said they were grateful – and somewhat surprised – that it was held in person after months of virtual or blended learning.

Parker Timberman was the student’s spokesperson. He said that going to school during COVID-19 has been difficult, but he encouraged current students to keep moving forward.

“It’s going to be tough, but you do your best,” he said. “And if your best is really your best, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Other alumni at the ceremony said that making use of the available resources is vital for any college student, especially the people they meet through the various programs on campus or the courses they take.

Many said they are grateful for the efforts of their professors and teachers to adapt during the pandemic.

Timberman said he is proud of himself and his fellow alumni for completing their degrees during such a challenging time. He plans to continue attending school at Indiana University and obtain his next degree in Recreational Therapy.

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